Strange things I have seen and heard JWs do or say

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  • wwjdnwt

    I'm sure you guys have heard or seen similar. They will accept Christmas gifts from co workers most of the time. Just can't be wrapped in Christmas paper. Will take that Christmas bonus ! They will not cook a turkey on Thanksgiving day, but they will the day before or after. I was told by a very long time JW that they never lie, they just don't tell the whole story. Recently my JW family had an after Halloween dress up party for kids, but not for Halloween, but said Walmart had Halloween costumes half price. Once my mother in law wore a flower pinned to her dress one Sunday meeting. It was her wedding anniversary , which fell on mothers day. An anointed sister told her she should take it off, people will think its for mothers day! About a year or so ago my in-law JW said to me... If Armageddon doesn't come soon, there's going to be a riot of Jehovah's Witnesses. Not too long ago a JW couple came to our door, conversation continued for few min. Told them not coming back ever and we were very happy. Happier than we have ever been! The sister told us it was satan that was making us happy! 😱 what are some crazy things you have seen or heard?

  • redpilltwice

    If Armageddon doesn't come soon, there's going to be a riot of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    "And if there's anybody left in here

    That doesn't want to be out there

    I predict a riot

    I predict a riot

    I predict a riot

    I predict a riot"

    (Kaiser Chiefs - "I Predict a Riot", 2004)

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I saw a funny thing that used to be repeated every year during memorial when I was at the KH. I'm sure another poster has mentioned it on another thread some time ago.

    It's this:

    after the attendants have passed around the wine to all the seated JWs, instead of just putting the glass down, one attendant hands it to the brother giving the memorial talk. Then, after receiving it back from him, the attendant hands it to him yet again. He takes the glass from the brother giving the talk and hands it back to him again! Afterwards, yep, you guessed it, the attendant collects the glass of wine from the brother that gives the talk. All this was done so that the attendant and the brother giving the talk could say that the wine glass had been passed to them.

    It was like watching OCD in action or else I sometimes felt as if I'd stepped into the twilight zone ...

  • Sabin

    Oh my goodness I'm so ashamed, that was me, I would never buy anything before the celebrations in case I stumbled some-one. But in my defence I always paid half price LOL so I reckon that I will just keep right on doing it, for that reason alone now though.

  • Vidiot

    JWS have said and done "strange things"?


    Since when is this new? :smirk:

  • skin
    Buy those string lights at christmas time and have them turned on all days except Christmas day. Refuse to go to a witness only BBQ on Christmas day because some non-witness's might see you and think you are celebrating Christmas. Its ok to eat steak that is cooked rear and still floating in red liquid but not ok to eat tomatoes that have had blood & bone fertilizer used. Speaking negative facts about the org is wrong but positive lies about them is fine.

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