I finally updated my @!#$* avatar. It's really Truthy...

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  • AllTimeJeff

    I am officially into Truthiness. Colbert never presented a more prescient commentary than this one....

    I remember when I first joined, I saw Colbert's "Truthiness" and laughed. I had no idea that the small bands of Truth and Facts were actually held together by the large fog of "Belief".

    No matter what you or anyone chooses to believe, I hope for all our sake, and especially in this context, for JW's who have left or have considered leaving, that we leave room in both our heads and hearts to facts, not just what feels good, but what is true.

    We have come too far to jerk back to darker times, when what we wished was true was actually valued more than what is actually true...

  • AllTimeJeff

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