The Young & not so young taking drugs @ Music Festivals in OZ.

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  • smiddy3

    Music festivals are supposed to be entertaining events for young and old alike ,so why is it that so many youths and one`s in their twenty`s & thirty`s are being treated for drug overdoses at these venues ?

    Their is so much information about the dangers of using drugs at these events or anywhere else ,why do they do it ?

    They put their own life at risk and traumatize those that try to treat them ?

    Not to mention the pain and suffering of those they leave behind .

    This has been news in OZ this Australia day long weekend , and I know this is a worldwide problem .

    I know their is no answer ,its an individuals responsibility to manage their own life but its so sad it still happens.

  • zeb

    Some time back one young dur-brain millennial said that "some pills are safe as they have the three diamonds sign (Mitsubishi's trade sign) on them."

    The Mitsubishi corp put out an expected denial of such rubbish.

  • PointOfNoReturnVisit

    Sometimes pills are contaminated with other substances. Sometimes people forget to look after themselves when they are on drugs, they forget to drink water or cool down. Or the combination of drugs+alcohol and being out in the sun all day gets to them and off course sometimes they take too much.

  • stuckinarut2

    So I love going to live music- even festivals.

    Sadly people will always take pills-so the idea has been floated here in Australia to have pill testing facilities with trained specialists who can let the kids know if the drug is safe. This would be without any fear of prosecution.

    The idea of taking pills there has never appealed to me, but for those who do want a trip, at least this testing initiative would keep them safe.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @stuckinarut2: "...the idea has been floated here in Australia to have pill testing facilities with trained specialists who can let the kids know if the drug is safe".

    That sounds like a stepping stone to the Government doing "syringe testing" for drug addicts to ensure their loaded needles aren't riddled with AIDS or Hepatitis C.

  • fulltimestudent

    If the government opts for the pill-testing option will the pill peddlers start selling "genuine pre-tested products?"

    And, if someone has a pill tested and still becomes ill, is there a legal liability attached for someone. If there is, I think the promoters should provide the pill testing service and carry the legal responsibility, though I'm guessing that there may be many less shows then.

    Also, what's wrong with letting drug takers die? The country will then be better off and the average IQ will increase.

  • Doofgrandaddy

    Post JWs I did my share of pills at music festivals and I still go dancing a lot but now chemical free. So I have spent decades around people taking drugs. There are numerous reasons for the shift in od's but the main one I see is the change from attending festivals to see a band or DJ to being seen at festivals and getting absolutely loaded.

    Drugs used to be used to enhance the experience but now it's a competition to see how much alcohol a young person consumes plus getting loaded on what comes to hand and if they pass out wait til they wake up and start again. As children do they can tell stories next week at school about how out of it they got. Gen Z is a worry.

    Also I used to attend bush doofs and never would I see alcohol or rubbish left on site. The scene got over run with teens as mentioned above and strangely the "adults" rather than setting an example joined in so another underground music genre destroyed by loose kids.

    When I attend DJs these days I find the sweet spot sound wise then shut my eyes and dance ignoring the chaos around me until it gets overwhelming. Then I leave.

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