Watch out YHWH - Guan Yu is going to kick your butt

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  • fulltimestudent

    The Shanghaiist (linked to the New York based Gothamist) has these images of just completed statue, 48 metre high statue of the traditional Chinese Warrior God


    More piks at this site:

    Aside from wondering as to why anyone would spend the sort of money on a statue like that (I guess you could compare the cost to the enormous sums it cost to build the latest franchised Disneyland in Shanghai), does it tell us anything else? I guess we could see it as a reflection of the resurgent interest in traditional Chinese culture. Curiously in the nineteenth century, there was a Christian rebellion that nearly overthrew the then ruling Qing dynasty. It was eventually defeated by forces led by a Confucian scholar, Zeng Guofan, who became an accidental General and put together the forces that annihilated the Christian Taiping. But it was a near thing.

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