Sandy Ford JW Ohio murder case 2009?

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  • JimmyPage
    I've searched this site for threads about the Ohio Sandy Ford JW murder case in 2009 but haven't found any. Surely there were some... can anyone help me out on this? Thanks.
  • dropoffyourkeylee
    Never heard of it. Can you give some details?
  • JimmyPage
  • blondie
  • NeverKnew

    This is awfully extreme and horrifically sad

    One article said there was going to be a funeral at a church for one of the deceased.

    Anyone know if there was a disfellowshipped person involved?

  • JimmyPage

    I learned of it from this comment on facebook, which is very interesting:

    I never bought the shit & was never baptized so couldn't be disfellowshipped as a publisher, but I completely disassociated myself both verbally & in writing. Further, after several years of continued abuse, I pretty much reverse shunned my mother...forced her to practice what she preaches and not speak to a disassociated publisher and proud, very public, very vocal apostate. She still tries to call every couple months. I just don't answer...I don't even give her the satisfaction of hearing my voice cuss her out anymore, not for over three years now. Even if she were to leave the cult, I don't think I'd speak to her...can't forgive her for supporting them, especially through the Sister Sandy Ford
    killing spree and all the molestation. Those of you struggling with parents who are shunning you, find a chosen family to replace them & remember they were no good to have in your life if they would choose a cult over you...better off without them
    (lest they Sister Sandy Ford your kids bc "it is better to die of the Lord than to live amongst The World" with apostate parents, yeah, these crazy fucks kill their grandkids when given access, why would anyone WANT to speak to them?) & the constant "when are you coming back to Jehovah?" bullshit, for real. My life is so much more peaceful & generally happy since I cut my toxic mother out of it.

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