"Christian Witnesses of Jah" by Greg Stafford

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  • Bartolomeo

    How many of you know Greg Stafford and his YouTube channel "Christian Witnesses of Jah"?

    I really like his style, always calm, respectful of the Holy Scriptures and firmly based on them to analyze the teachings of the WT from which he disagrees

  • Smiles

    Let's all follow the firmly based teachings of mild-mannered Greg.

    All heil the great G!

  • Bartolomeo

    most likely you do not know Greg's cultural and academic level in the scriptural field, you always have time to inform yourself and I can guarantee you that it is absolutely worth it.

  • blondie

    I am surprised he is still around.

  • Smiles

    I'm not surprised.

    Charlatans are persist buggers.

  • sloppyjoe2

    While I have not seen his YouTube channel, I don’t need to know what he believes. When I was a teenager in the late 90s and realized what was wrong with Watchtower, he was one of the most avid defenders of the organization. Writing books, doing open debates and so on. Regardless of his academic background, it took him many years to finally realize the org wasn’t what he believed it to be. I am a simpleton and figured it out as a young kid. He is just as susceptible and swayed by his own bias and beliefs as anyone else. No need to follow him.

  • Smiles

    Why would you post that rubbish here, Bart

    Just because the teachings of some gent may contradict WT, such does not make his teachings true.

    Same can be said of endorsing the teachings of your charlatan sweetheart Greggypoo.

    Ogni scarafaggio è bello per la propria madre

  • Bartolomeo


    First of all it is not fair that you define my post as "rubbish", it seems to me that this attitude also goes against the rules of the forum.

    Apart from this, I am more than happy to answer that I have not lost my faith in Jehovah and in the Bible, on the contrary I want to restart from a Scriptural analysis of the fundamental things.

    I certainly believe that there are things to correct in this organization, serious mistakes that have been committed and unfortunately are perpetuated. In this big mess I'm just trying to get my thoughts in order and in this process I consider Greg Stafford to be the only one who is offering an alternative and credible point of analysis.

    You are free to believe what you prefer. But me too.

    PS: "Ogni scarrafone è bello a mamma sua" It doesn't make much sense in this context, what did you mean?

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