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  • Walrus
    I need to vent about some stuff that this religion does to just about anyone at this point. So I was raised in this religion and when I was 12 or 13 I told my mom (and step dad which has made my decision much firmer) that I didn’t want to be a witness because it’s too restrictive. My mom proceeded to cry and guilt trip her way into ending this conversation. (after 2 damn hours) my dad is not a witness but I stopped going to his house when I was 13 because of what him. But now I regret it entirely because since my dad is a non witness, he would let me do whatever I wanted that was reasonable like, hanging outside with my friends all day, going across town to get some food with them, he let me play any video game I wanted (the witnesses believe violent video games or just video games in general are ‘bad’ in gods eyes) and my dad was just a super chill dude but my mom is over protective af. I loved playing the games I did at my dads house so I digitally bought them in secret and play them when everyone’s asleep, she won’t let me talk to anyone online (but yet she makes me go out in the field service which is the same as talking to people online you’ve never met them) I’m going into my junior year in high school next year and I asked her if I could play football and she just kept saying “we don’t involve ourselves in organized sports” and I asked her why but she wouldn’t give me an answer. I’ve been homeschooled since 8th grade and finally decided to go back and my retarded ass step dad and my mom wanted to sit down and talk about it (when they’re drunk of all times) and my retard I mean step dad says “what are you going to get from going to school I’m worried about your spirituality” and on the inside I was fuming and screaming, ‘shut the fuck up no one cares, and what do you mean what am I going to get an education from are you retarded” so I started to yell at him about this. I know for a fact that my brother (who’s a few years older) played football 11th grade and my mom was denying it tooth and bone just because she didn’t want me playing it. I genuinely want to play sports and need something to take my anger out with at the same time and I thought football would be cool to play for that but my mom is totally against it. When I was going with my dad I gained hella weight I turned into a little chubster in 6th grade and my friends used to grab my man titties and I’ve never done anything about my weight until now because “sports are bad” and I haven’t been going to the gym as much as I should but what I’m trying to get at is this religion is way out of hand and if you start to question anything about it you’re immediately known as an ‘apostate’ and no one is allowed to talk to you. Music is also an issue, you aren’t allowed to listen to anything beside the ‘kingdom melodies’ or country because it’s ‘not inappropriate’ but personally I love rap and hip hop because some of it just makes me feel good and gets at me but that’s ‘horrible’ because what? Most rappers are black and use ‘bad language’ fuck that I’m gonna listen to what I want. One time I made the horrible mistake of telling my mom I want to get baptized when I was 14, now I’m 16 and have to wait until I’m 18 to leave because those are the rules. I remember my mom yelling at me that ‘I didn’t have a choice whether or not to study’ and at this time I was homeschooled and she was complaining about my schedule which I do my work and she was yelling at me that I have no choice about that. My mother is a hypocrite and so is my step retard I mean dad. Anyway I’m just trying get this off my chest to at least one person sorry if it’s longings messy. Just for reference these are the rules as of 2019
  • Xanthippe

    Hi and welcome. We know exactly what you're going through. I was born in and pioneered at sixteen, I wish I'd gone to college instead. Well done insisting you go back to school.

    All you can do is get an education and hang in there until you're financially independent and leave home. I know it's hard but that's all you can do.

    Perhaps you could make up with your real dad to get him on side to let you go to football,

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate
    If I were you I'd try to go live with my biological father.
  • WillYouDFme


  • Tameria2001

    You said you are a junior in high school and that you have been homeschooled. There is something you need to find out, and this is very important. Is your home school instructor certified? I'm assuming it is your mother who is homeschooling you. The reason I bring this up is there was another young man who was homeschooled his whole life, and he too was raised in a JW home. He decided that he wanted to go to college, and it was at that point he learned his mother never got herself certified, and his home school graduation diploma (or whatever it is called) was no good. If you find out that is the case talk to your biological father, and get his help in the matter.

    Also, at 16 you have a right to decide which parent you want to live with.

  • Giordano

    We hear you young brother. Good advice from folks who have lived through their young teen years.

    The Society and it's made up dogma is what a religious corporation looks and sounds like. It even has it's own smell if you've ever opened up a fresh mailed WT or Awake.

    Like the Amish and other high control religions it needs to set the agenda and you are expected to follow.

    Sports are good....especially in High School. I used to box in a club...loved it! Forged my mom's signature to be able to participate. In those days we called it window panning. Moms check is placed against a window pane and you place the paper work you need over it and copy her signature.

    Sorry.......... not wanting to criminalize you but sometimes it takes a little adjustment so you can live and experience life.

    Sounds like you intend to leave home by the time your 18. If so, start building up your relationships and educational plans.

    If college is not in your picture take a serious look at apprenticing. It's blue collar stuff but it can also provide a very good income.

    Now's the time to start preparing for what will come next.

  • Finkelstein

    Yes the JWS cult is way over in individual personal controls such deciding who should be your personal friends, dont pursue higher education, a long string of common social activities like celebrating birthdays for religious reasons which should be really up to an individual , strict controls on dress and appearance, strict controls on people wanting to date.

    Add in all the false fear mongering doctrines which were really designed and created for literature proliferation and you have a highly controlling scam, which brings power and money to a few select men.

  • john.prestor

    You got a fire inside you kid and it's already raging, I respect that. Do what you got to do to get out, you already know this ain't your thing. You like rap music and Hip-Hop? Listen to rap music and Hip-Hop. You want to play organized Sports? Play organized Sports. These people want to drag you down into misery, they might not know that's what they're doing but that is what they're doing because a lot of JW services pretty much involve bitching and moaning about the world (forgive my terminology but since you broke the fuck barrier I'm just going to go with that, I like it anyway), and if you like the world you don't want to sit around bitching and moaning about it now do you? You're young, you got your life ahead of you. Go out and conquer. We got your back, you post here anytime.

  • smiddy3

    Welcome Walrus glad to have you on board,great advice already given ,bide your time till your 18 and can go it alone ,but now is the time to plan your exit and what relationships you want with either your dad , stepdad and your mother when you are independent.

    Take care and I wish you well

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