JW`s Religion are being investigated by { how many} ? Countries for there handling of Child sexual Abuse .?

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  • smiddy3

    I`m thinking about the last couple of years but more importantly there seems to be a greater number in the past year than never before .

    Off the top of my head I think I could name about 6-10 Countries.

    Does anybody have any stats on this ?

    And is it only the issue of child sexual abuse that Governments / countries are focused on or are their other issues that they are being investigated for ?

    such as charitable status ,do they really qualify ? for tax exemption ?

    If somebody has done or could do such an investigation , I think it would be very enlightening .

    i`m too old and a PC illiterate to do it myself. but i think there has been a trend in this direction .

    I appreciate your thoughts .

    pro or con.

  • Atlantis


    From what I have noticed the 3 main issues causing unrest in several different countries are:

    Child Abuse


    Blood Transfusions

    And since the Catholic Church has gotten so much bad attention lately, all the other religious organizations are under the microscope to.

    In the last few months I have noticed different areas of the United States, Netherlands, Ireland, Mexico, Russia, and a couple more in there somewhere, all mentioning child abuse, or claiming the WT is extremist.

    On the shunning topic, there are just to many JW's who are in good standing that refuse not to speak with a family member who is disfellowshipped. Many associate with DF family members secretly.

    Some JW's don't give a damn what the Watchtower says and they associate with disfellowshipped family members anyway.

    Others who are really hard nose about it shun family members like the plague.

    It's the "hiding of child abuse" that seems to get people mad enough to have smoke coming out of their ears. Then when JW's see others in the congregation being disciplined for mentioning the SCA topic, things begin to click in their minds that maybe the apostates were telling the truth all along.

    Then the first thing you know they start to investigate.

    Lets face it, JW's are tired and worn out from the constant whip of their task master the Watchtower. The stress,pressure, and burdens put on JW's by the Watchtower is enough to give someone a stroke or heart attack. Constant guilt that they are not doing enough, or giving enough financial contributions.

    I mean....hell they already took the kids ice cream money!

    Going to grab some tea.


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