10 ways you are worse off as a Jehovah’s Witness John Cedars video

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  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn


    I was watching this video from John Cedars titled 10 Ways you are worse off as a Jehovah’s Witness. Now I personally like Cedars’ videos, they’ve made me question things I never did before and it was his videos that I began watching first, not Kim or Mikey or anyone from the VAA.

    So in this video I notice that he gives a couple of reasons of how you’re worse off as a Witness that I believe are applicable to Christians. An example is when he says you have to deny science as a JW and gives evolution as an example. When he said this I thought, wouldn’t it apply the same way if you were a Christian? From my understanding, whether you’re a devout Christian or born again Christian however you see it, you would also have to deny evolution. Can you be Christian and also believe in evolution? I find that to be a huge contradiction.

    Same thing applies when he says JWs are sexually repressed. So are devout Christians or born agains. And if they aren’t then they aren’t really Christian. He seems to advocate for atheism a lot. I feel like you either believe in a higher intelligence and you’re Christian or you’re not and you’re an atheist or agonstic. It would personally be impossible for me to be a born again Christian and accept evolution. Just expressing my thoughts here.


  • scratchme1010

    Creepy! I couldn't get past the first minute "Everything that Jehovah requires is good". What a bunch of ignorant assholes.

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