Rules on movies tv and video games

by Akid48 4 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Akid48

    I hated the rules that are set by jws.

    Like video games they say all the time ''We are not saying give up all video games''etc.But from all they list as a game you cant play you might as well stop playing.

    When it comes to movies i get really mad im a big fan of stephen king's IT but oh no cant see that.But i hear later that some other jws talk about how good the movie was and they saw it.

    Im so done

  • stillin

    It was a huge divisive force in the congregations. People started not socializing because they didn't want others to know how debased they were, watching PG movies and all

  • scratchme1010
    ''We are not saying give up all video games''

    They never say to give up anything. They are stupid in that respect.

  • Richard_I
    You just made me remember the time a brother said he knew an elderly brother who called G-rated movies "G for Garbage". I couldn't even think of G-rated movies, most movies now are PG or PG13
  • WTWizard

    We are talking people that are at least 17 or 18, are we not? Why are they telling adults that they cannot watch R rated movies when they are legally adults? Even in countries where the R-18 rating applies to, most of the people they are hounding are old enough to decide whether or not to watch such a movie. It might be different if it was small children watching these (and some of the material in the washtowel rags is worse than most R-18 material).

    From what I observe, they are so sensitive to every little thing. This has been a problem with Christi-SCAM-ity as long as the movie industry has been around. Back in 1939, Gone With the Wind was allowed to theaters with the line "Frankly, I don't give a damn" without censoring the "damn" out. And those xian preachers and devout xians squeaked about it, trying to get the whole movie thrown out. And that was a legend, which many people enjoy even today.

    The jokehovian witlesses can't take anything not in line with stripping their own human nature out of their lives. Swearing, even such words as "Darn" as an expletive, is viewed as evil. And so is the mildest sex innuendo, justified violence (such as self defense), and the faintest hint of magic. And they look for ways to find such in every movie (and song--music is not that much better) that is enjoyable to people.

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