News: Jehovah's Witnesses Sell Last Piece Former Brooklyn Headquarters

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  • Tahoe

    DUMBO, BROOKLYN — The Jehovah's Witnesses have officially moved out of Brooklyn — or at least their headquarters have. The religious group announced that they sold the last remaining piece of their former Dumbo headquarters last week.

    The last piece of property, found at 30 Front Street, was sold to development group Fortis Dumbo Acquisition. Fortis paid a whopping $91 million for the site, property records show.

    It was once used as a parking lot for the organization's staff.

    The development group plans to turn the lot into a 270-foot tall apartment building, YIMBY reported. Most of the 360,000-square-foot building will be for the 74 apartments, averaging 2,400 square feet each.

    The rest will be used as community space and likely for 416 parking spaces in the plans, according to YIMBY.

    The lot is the last of 37 properties the Jehovah's Witnesses have sold in Brooklyn since 2004, the group said. The organization decided in 2011 to move its headquarters to upstate New York.

    Other notable sales over the years include 74 Adams Street, which was turned into a vehicle repair garage for the organization's fleet of cars and nearly doubled when expanded in 1990. The organization sold that spot last year, around the time they also sold their well-known "towers" on Clark Street.

    The towers were a 16-story residential building in Brooklyn Heights that were used by the Witnesses for over four decades.

  • Gorbatchov

    Were is the money now?


  • careful

    I'm not sure about the details. The Sept. 2018 YIMBY article says, "The Witnesses still own two small properties at 80 and 86 Willow Street." The Patch article says the 30 Front St. property was their last. Anybody know the real story?

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