Jehovah's Witnesses proselytizing in schools

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  • Funchback

    This happened in Brazil. It's taken from a blog and it has been translated by me from Portuguese to English.

    12 Jun 2017 - Jehovah's Witnesses obtained authorization from the municipality of Redenção do Gurgueia (PI) to proselytize in the elementary schools of the city between May and early June 2017.

    Officially, the Witnesses did an "educational work", with lectures, videos and they supplied study material.

    The rest of the blog is conjecture on the part of the blogger:
    They must have frightened the children with foresight of the end of the world, existence of hell, etc.

    Obviously, they did not say anything about their condemnation of homosexuals (or did they?) or the shunning they do against those who leave the sect.

    If, in Brazil, there was respect for the secular state, the Public Prosecutor's Office would request an investigation to find out who authorized this intellectual rape of children.

    JWs attack defenseless

  • just fine
    just fine

    I am so sick of them spreading their cult to children. No religion should be allowed in a public school to try to warp kids views.

  • lancelink

    I work at a local college, inPalatine Illinois. and on Wednesday and Thursday's there is always one of those carts in the student area.

    most of the time there is 3-4 people sitting there, in suits, usually playing with their phones or laptops. It is just so mind blowing how they can sit there for HOURS and hardly look at anyone. And think that they are doing " Gods will".

    It really has left a bad taste in people's mouth about the jw organization. I always bring up the shunning aspect and people just cannot believe it. Their so called witnessing has given me quite a few opportunities to talk about the jw's and a great crowd of uninformed people are now fully aware of just how destructive their beliefs are to individuals and families.

  • WTWizard

    I wonder what would happen if I were to spread flyers stating that the whole Bible is a book of witchcraft to enslave the whole world at a Grand Boasting Session. And if I were to find a way to slip those flyers into all their bookbags and suit coat pockets (or even in the damnation books themselves) without being detectable. Then, they would read those flyers.

    Perhaps if they don't want someone debunking the whole damnation book at a Grand Boasting Session, they better stop spreading that rubbish at schools.

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