School shooting in San Bernardino

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  • azor

    2 miles from where I live. My heart goes out to the parents of the murdered child. What a sick bastard.

  • blondie
  • Simon

    "domestic" happens at home. When it happens in a school and involves an unrelated special needs kid being shot, it's no longer domestic, it's 100% pure moron.

  • blondie

    That's true but then children have been shot at home by a parent intent on killing the other parent, still domestic in intent and sad, terrifying that someone can hate someone to that extent.

    I grew up in a home with 2 battling parents, and 20 guns in the closets.....

    That was an upbringing.

  • Spoletta

    I think of my sons at that age, imagining the incredible shock and pain I'd feel if it had happened to them.Those lives are changed forever.

    Random events like this make you realize that every day is a gift that should be taken advantage of, because things can change so quickly. It's easy to blame it on guns, or mental health, but the truth is, bad things happen, and we can only do so much to prevent them.

    Those families are going to need a lot of support the next few days and weeks, I wonder if anyone here has any experience in finding out if there is any kind of fund to help them with any financial needs they might have in the coming days.

  • azor

    I'm sure there will be Spolleta. I will keep the board posted on that front. My kids sensai used to be part of the PTA when her kids went to that school and is closely connected to the community here.

  • WingCommander

    The kid that was hurt and the one that was killed, was standing behind the teacher. The guy didn't mean to hit them, but they were there. I don't understand why he didn't kill her at her house or something. Why go into the school and inadvertently risk injuring and/or killing a child? Not sure what caliber this guy was using, but it must have been big to go thru her and then keep going. My guess would be .40 S&W, .357 magnum, or possibly 10mm. I'm sure he was some nut with a mental health record that shouldn't have been allowed to obtain a firearm anyway. That's usually how it works. SMH.

  • snowbird

    Sick bastard is too kind a description for the likes of him.

    And, a supposed pastor!

    The report is that she was a talented, compassionate, productive teacher.

    What a loss.


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