A house for yourself or for the Lord?

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  • Norm

    How to con people.

    Have you built a house for yourself before building one for the Lord? I have to admit I have never taken the Lord into consideration when I have tried to get a place to live. First of all I was never aware that the Lord was homeless, second I didn’t know that he could live in a house. The Lord seem to be a very strange being, as he is both homeless and always broke and without any funds whatsoever.

    But what do you do when you have the money and resources to build a stately mansion in a lovely climate when you are the ruler of thousands of dirt poor people, spending all their resources and energy on selling the fourth rate crap you write?
    What do you do to sell such a blatant example of hypocrisy, to those poor dopes?
    Here is how it is done folks:

    “It is not always convenient to get a comfortable place to live when it is necessary to rent a house for a few months. For the past two years I and other brethren close to Brother Rutherford have urged upon him the necessity of a house in San Diego where he can live and do the work that is so necessary to be done. Last year, in company with a few other brethren, we pressed this matter upon him, at that time the Lord having provided the means for the building of the house so that it would not be a burden on the Society He finally consented that the house might be built only upon condition that it should be exclusively for use of the Lord's work, henceforth and for ever, and not for any private gain for any one. In October, 1929, I went to California and acquired the title to the ground in my name and entered into a contract with the builder, and the house was constructed in my name. I again went to California at the beginning of the year 1930 to close up the building arrangements. I am happy to have any part in this because I know what it means for the Lord's work.

    I feel sure that the Lord loves Brother Rutherford as much as he loved David. David built a house for himself and afterwards thought about building one for the Lord. After repeated urging by loyal brethren the San Diego house was built, but Brother Rutherford refused to have it for himself except to use it for the Lord's work. A deed was made conveying the title to the house. This deed was written by Brother Rutherford himself. I am certain there is no other deed to any piece of property like it under the sun. I am grateful to the Lord that I had anything to do with it. The deed is a matter of public record on the deed records of San Diego, California, and therefore I am at full liberty to publish it, and I do here submit the deed for publication so that all may see and understand how much Brother Rutherford has been libeled and slandered by those who would injure the Lord's work.

    I am certain that the loyal ones would have been glad to help finance the house had opportunity been given, and that they will rejoice when they know that this property will be for ever for the Lord's people; that when Brother Rutherford is through with it somebody else in the Lord's work will have it, and when David and Joseph or some of the other ancient worthies return they will have it.” Golden Age, 03.19.1930 pp. 405, 406.

    This bootlicking, butt kissing drivel was written by one of Rutherford’s nodders and yes men, Robert J. Martin. Isn’t it incredible what you can sell to “ true believers”. The Lord would of course not mind having Rutherford loaning his house for a while, before David and “the other ancient worthies” returned to move in. Now enjoy the hilarious and incredible deed made to “prove” that Rutherford didn’t want the house for “private use”. As you can see the insanity scream at you from every word:

    The Deed

    “Both the grantor and the grantee, the said JOSEPH F. RUTHERFORD are fully persuaded from the Bible testimony, which is. the Word of Jehovah God, and from extraneous evidence that God's kingdom is now in course of establishment and that it will result beneficially to the peoples of earth; that the governing power and authority will be invisible to men but that the kingdom of God will have visible representatives on the earth who will have charge of the affairs of the nations under the supervision of the invisible ruler Christ; that among those who will thus be the faithful representatives and visible governors of the world will be David, who was once king over Israel; and Gideon, and Barak, and Samson, and Jephthae, and Joseph, formerly the ruler of Egypt, and Samuel the prophet and other faithful men who were named with approval in the Bible at Hebrews the eleventh chapter. The condition herein is that the said WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY shall hold said title perpetually in trust for the use of any or all of the men above named as representatives of God's kingdom on earth and that such men shall have possession and use of said property hereinabove described as they may deem for the best interest for the work in which they are engaged.

    This property has been acquired and the improvements built thereon at the instance and under the direction of the said JOSEPH F. RUTHERFORD and dedicated to Jehovah God and to His King Christ who is the rightful ruler of the earth and for the express purpose of being used by those who are servants of Jehovah God. For this reason the provision is made in this deed that the property shall be for ever used for that purpose subject to any encumbrances that may have been placed thereupon.

    IT IS FURTHER PROVIDED that if the said JOSEPH F. RUTHERFORD while alive on the earth shall by lease, deed or contract provide that any other person or persons connected with the said WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY shall have the right to reside on said premises until the appearing of David or some of the other men mentioned in the eleventh chapter of Hebrews as above set forth even such person or persons so designated by the said JOSEPH F. RUTHERFORD in such lease or other paper writing shall have the right and privilege of residing on said premises until the same be taken possession of by David or some of the other men herein named and this property and premises being dedicated to Jehovah and the use of his kingdom it shall be used as such for ever. Any persons appearing to take possession of said premises shall first prove and identify themselves to the proper officers of said Society as the person or persons described in Hebrews chapter eleven and in this deed. IN WITNESS WHEREOF I the said ROBERT J. MARTIN and the said JOSEPH F. RUTHERFORD have hereunto signed our names this 24th day of December A.D. 1929.

    Golden Age, 03.19.1930 pp. 405, 406.

    This particular kind of insanity can be seen in the Watchtower Society to this day with the tendency to “explain” every detail of Watchtower policy with some half baked Biblical reference, no matter how insane, silly and far fetched it is. One prime example is the idea of the “Governing Body”, where the fantastic leap of faith is required that when Jesus, 2000 years ago allegedly talked about the “Faithful and Discreet Slave” he had a mind a bunch of halfwit geriatrics in Brooklyn, New York, Wow! But when you have the right kind of “faith” you can believe anything, and people do.

    If I were an unscrupulous, scumbag bastard, I know what I should do for a living. There are millions of idiots out there just waiting for someone to come along and take advantage of them. The more incredible and unreal your message are the stronger they will believe. The Churches has sold illusions and thin air for thousands of years already and with enormous success. Just face it folks, elaborate con games based on superstition and nonsense is one of the best career opportunities there is, the only requirement is charm and being totally without any morals whatsoever. If you actually believe in the insane nonsense yourself it is even better. If you want to live the good life with plenty of money, property and all the women you want, become a Preacher and nothing can stop you.


  • anglise

    Good post Norm,
    thanks for all the research.

    I just wish I had seen something along these lines 20 years ago.

    The only 'downer' people I spoke to had about the JW's was that they
    "Dont belive the divinity of christ" as it was put to me.

    If only!!

    Still we know better now

  • GinnyTosken

    I think it's a hoot that if Abraham, Joseph, or David had shown up, they would have had to present legal identification to the "proper officers" of the Society:

    Any persons appearing to take possession of said premises shall first prove and identify themselves to the proper officers of said Society as the person or persons described in Hebrews chapter eleven and in this deed.

    It would have been great to be alive back then and show up at the doorstep of Beth Sarim dressed like Abraham and Sarah! I can just picture it:

    Abraham: Howdy, Judge! Thanks for takin' care of my house. After you take our bags up to our rooms, can you put the camels in the garage and give them a little feed?

    Da Judge: Ummm, Abraham, I'm afraid I need to see some identification. Do you have a driver's license? Social security card? Birth certificate?

    (Abraham feels around in his pockets and saddlebags.)

    Abraham: I have this marriage license. (Hands it to Da Judge)

    Da Judge: (Puts on his glasses and looks at the document) This is in Hebrew! Freddieeee!

    Freddie: (in Peter Lorre voice) You called, boss?

    Da Judge: What does this say?

    Freddie: It says that Abram married Sarai in 1984 B.C.E.

    Da Judge: Obvious frauds! You, sir, claim to be "Abraham," not "Abram."

    Abraham: Jehovah changed my name.

    Da Judge: Can you prove it? Do you have documentation?

    Sarah: (Tugging on Abraham's sleeve) Hagar says she has to pee again.

    Abraham: (To Sarah) Tell her to go off in the bushes! (To Da Judge) Well, uh, it's in the Bible.

    Da Judge: I'm afraid I need an official Certificate of Name Change, dear man.

    Abraham: Sarah and I did file them. I didn't keep copies, though.

    Da Judge: I see. Where were you living at the time? Perhaps we can check the court records?

    Abraham: Well, we were near Sodom . . .

    Da Judge: Ah, I see. Those records were destroyed by a divine conflagration. How convenient. Now you get yourself and your women and your camels off of my--I mean Jehovah's--lawn before I am forced to call the authorities! And be sure to clean up after those camels as you leave.


  • Norm

    Hello Ginny,

    Yes, I think if any of those poor guys had shown up Da Judge would have found a way to weazle out of the deal. Something similar actually happened according to a local paper, The San Diego Sun:


    “A gaunt, unshaven tramp has been the lone claimant for the $75,000 Southern California mansion of David, king of Israel, since it was deeded to the Biblical character nearly a year ago.
    This was revealed today by Judge James Rutherford, ex Missouri jurist, temporary owner of the luxuriantly furnished Spanish type mansion at 440 Braeburn road in the exclusive Kensington Heights district.
    In one of the oddest deeds ever recorded, Rutherford, president of the International Bible Students' Association and the Watch Tower Bible and Tract society, has placed in trust the magnificent estate for ancient kings and prophets of Israel. The slayer of Goliath and his companions may occupy the 10room, modern home with its landscaped gardens and patio as soon as their credentials are approved by Rutherford and officials of his societies, divinely authorized to recognize them.

    "One morning as I was going from the house to the garage, a queer looking creature approached me, tipped his dirty hat and cried, 'Howdy, Judge, I'm David.'
    "'Go and tell that to the winds,' I told him and he left without arguing the matter. I could see at a glance he was not David. He didn't look like I knew David would look."
    Asked how he expected David and his distinguished brethren to look, Rutherford, without hesitation, opened his huge Bible and pointed to a verse which said that the Princes of the Universe would be risen from the dead "as perfect men."

    "I interpret that to mean," the tall, dignified judge declared, "that David, Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jepthae, Joseph and Samuel will be sent here to wrench the world from Satan's grasp, clothed in modern garb as we are, and able, with little effort to speak our tongue. "
    Rutherford pictured the arrival of the biblical delegation perhaps in frock coats, high hats, canes and spats.

    At BETH SARIM (House of the Princes) as Rutherford has named his mansion, David will find the most modern appliances that science has devised. When the distinguished guests walk up the circular stairway to the second floor, they will find a large office with red leather chairs and shiny flat topped desk and inverted lighting. Even French telephones await the touch of the princes.

    Opening a wide door, the native sons of Palestine will behold a large bathroom, resplendent in shiny black tile with needle shower and amply filled medicine chest.
    What a thrill giant shouldered Samson, who wrecked a palace with his bare fists might find in the gold safety razor and strop!

    Rutherford built the second floor bedroom, which he temporarily occupies, large in order to accommodate several of the expected owners. With wide pane windows that look out on the purple Cuyamacas to the east and California's first mission to the north, the bedroom is almost severe in its furnishings.
    The rulers of the universe will have simple tastes, the judge apparently believes, although the austere end tables sported gaily covered, fiction magazines. Rutherford has imported some Koiniach, Wasser from Cologne, Germany to freshen the princely faces after shaving.

    A black skull cap hangs over one of the bedposts. The coming of David and his companions will be the greatest news story of the ages, Rutherford predicted.

    “I am not a publicity seeker," Rutherford said with a twinkle in his kindly, brown eyes, "but I feel that the world should know about their arrival. It will be a great news story."

    Word of his "House of King David" has reached into every corner of the world, the judge stated.

    "Everywhere I went people asked me about this place," Rutherford said. "In Chicago, a millionaire manufacturer offered to build another house for David but I declined the offer.

    "Literally thousands have driven here to see this place," Rutherford continued. "Many have come to the door and my secretary has shown them about the place."

    The patio with its silver pool and olive and palm trees is gay with flowers. Down toward the canyon, paths have been landscaped to allow David and his friends to walk in meditation. Many of the fruits and trees, native to their Palestine, will greet the rulers when they arrive.
    In the two car garage next door stands a new, yellow 16 cylinder coupe which will be turned over to the rulers along with all the personal property on the place.
    "Everything will be theirs, the house, the land, the furnishings and even the clothes if they need them," judge Rutherford said.

    "What will I do? Oh, don't worry about me. I'll manage somehow," the judge smiled.
    The seven famous men will not have long to rest at their San Diego estate because they soon will lead the forces of the Lord to vanquish the minions of Satan at the battle of Armageddon Rutherford believed.
    "But they will win out. The Lord will punish the devil and will show that the preachers and the politicians have been giving the people false counsel," Rutherford said confidently. Rutherford will sail May 9 for Europe where he will speak before conventions in Berlin, Paris and London. The San Diego Sun, 1/9/31, p. 1.



  • GinnyTosken

    This is too much! I can't believe "David" actually said, "Howdy, Judge!"

    And, of course, these ancient worthies would show up in perfect "modern garb," speaking English. This would probably have been tough on poor ol' John the Baptist, though. "What? Corn flakes! Where's the honey and locusts I ordered?"

    I can just picture Samson taking a driver's education course. One can only hope that the Judge thoughtfully removed any shaving implements from Samson's room.


  • MacHislopp

    Hello Norm,

    As usual, congratulations for digging out " this precious "one!
    No wonder the WTS does'nt want certain publications around!
    The thing that gives me , mixed feelings is that someone will insist in saying
    that all "this material" is the work of - apostates , and/or Satan the devil -.
    They have great difficulty in accepting " corroborating , substantial evidences"
    to sustain an argument, a statement, a quote.

    Thanks for your research.

    Agape , J.C. MacHislopp

  • slipnslidemaster

    Norm, I love your posts!!

    Please keep it up! You're the coolest!

    Slipnslidemaster: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

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