Why JW's have a paedophile problem

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  • Splash

    I just ran across this quote which resonated with me.

    By way of introduction, HMP Whatton is Europe's largest prison for contact and non contact sex offenders against adults and children. It's based in Nottinghamshire in the UK.

    David Potter is one of HMP Whatton's most experienced facilitators of treatment programmes.

    In an interview with the BBC he said "In groups, a lot of the work we do is aimed at building the self-esteem of people that have committed a sexual offence, because a lot of sexual offending is as a direct result of low self-esteem. In groups we try and build their sense of self worth."

    There can hardly be another organisation which instills such a constant and complete sense of shame, guilt, fear, low self esteem, lack of ambition, lack of achievement, lack of self worth as does the WT organisation.

    The weekly brow beatings, demands for more, more, more, unachievable personal study regimes, need to be at all meetings and answering, public counsel on your talks, suspicion and taunting when missing field service, and the GB's foot on everyone's neck has turned the congregations into a Petri dish of mental health and abuse issues.

    This is an epidemic of their own making, and after cultivating it for so long they are now being exposed, showing the consequences of their evil ravings.

    The BBC interview was a couple of years ago and can be read here.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I think you may be onto something, as in : you got to love yourself before you can really love others.

    For sure their are other factors but the one you mentioned must be the main one IMO.

  • zeb

    Splash; "has turned the congregations into a Petri dish of mental health and abuse issues."... perfectly described.

    And there is a terrible correlation between those who have been abused and who go on to abuse others. Perhaps some seek to claim the youth that was taken from them by so terribly dominating others and the wts gives a platform to do that from. It is not forgivable in the individual and is an abomination when perpetrated by an org so devoid of humility to admit it or/and see change with apology brought about.

    Read Bo Joels book of his life with a 'righteous' abusive father and the book by Brock Talons where he was expected to be a perfect son. and the many others who have written of their Bethel experience. There is the Gentile Times Reconsidered x Jonsson.

    Go look up Jehovahs witnesses on a book site like Book Depository and be astounded as I was some time back at the number of accounts there.

    Peace to you all.

  • Virgochik

    Or, are they attracting people into the org who already have pedophilia tendencies because it's so easy to get away with it in the Hall? I truly don't know. These people could be bringing their baggage with them when they become JW'S. And yes, they could feel increasingly worthless and looking for ways to vent their low self esteem.

    It could be a combination. It's kind of a which came first question, imho.

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