An old lady's plea to see her granddaughter

by Tallon 7 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Tallon

    If this isn't heartrending then I don't know what is !

  • smiddy

    With all due respects to you Tallon , can we have some other verification as to the authencity /verification of this video ?

    Forgive me for being cautious about what is presented here as being up and above board.

    Don`t take offence , you may have be taken advantage of , if it is genuine accept ,my apologies for being a skeptic.

    Having been sucked in by the WTB&TS for over 33 years , you may appreciate my skeptism. , without validation from other sources.

    And if it is correct and true as the video portrays then all potential Bible studys should view this video.

  • Tallon

    Hi Smiddy, thanks for your comment. I was on Youtube and came across this video and have no way of verifying its authenticity. I took it at face value and, probably naively, accepted it as fact.

    If the video is true then it is a sad state of affairs. If it is a fabrication then I apologise to all.

    Lesson for me; not to post without having some form of factual back-up.

    Could the Admin / Moderator team delete this discussion thread.

  • slimboyfat

    The original video with the old lady is at least a few years old because I remember it being posted on here years ago.

  • Downtowner

    Regardless if that video is true or fabrication for that specific person, that scenero does happen and active JW's are shunning elderly parents and visa versa with grandchildren. It's sad but the situation does happen.

    This is why the governments all over should step in. That's why Russia is giving the JW's a hard time. They break up families, either you're in or we're severing relationship ties.

    This brings up a whole different topic. It reminds me of a video of a skit at a convention where the parents were interviewed and how they proudly boasted how they would give their life for their son but if he were to ever leave Jehovah they wouldn't be there for him. The shunning doctrine does not cause people to return to Jehovah because they truly love Him. Disfellowshipped people 'return to Jehovah' because many want their family and friends back and that's the sacrifice they are willing to make. It has NOTHING to do with loving God. Shunning is a control mechanism.

    Governments should heavily inspect (not just JW's) religion and any religion that does not offer some sort of charity within the community (even something as simple as volunteering for a soup kitchen) then their tax exempt status should be stripped. What charity does JW's do? They only do for themselves and only for the 'elite'. Sure in a disaster they might assist those that are nearby, but that's only to save face. They don't go OUT into the community for the purpose of assisting all.

  • darkspilver
  • darkspilver
  • BluesBrother

    I can accept it. The old lady sure looks genuine and we have the first person threads from before.

    That is being really hard !.. I do not think they would all do that in that circumstance (at least I like to think that they would not ) "Necessary family business" to me.

    Clockwork robots, aren't they? If they betray all natural human feelings in the determination to be obedient - it frightens me to think of what they could be told to do....

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