FYI, video aired 1/26/16 in Italy: Google translated title: "Shocking article on Jehovah's Witnesses , When a religion takes away freedom "

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  • AndersonsInfo

    Google translated into English below. Article in Italian at the end.

    Reservoir Dogs, Pelazza: shocking article on Jehovah's Witnesses, "When a religion takes away freedom" / VIDEO - During the episode of Reservoir Dogs, aired on Italy 1, today, Tuesday, January 26, 2016, airs the service hyena Hyenas Pelazza when religion takes away the freedom videoPelazza entitled "When a religion of taking away our freedom." The service tells the strict rules of the Jehovah's Witnesses who do not allow to denounce a "brother" in any case. The case is that of a witness to a child who would have been sexually abused.

    Luigi Pelazza, during the episode of Reservoir Dogs, makes you see what is happening inside a Judicial Committee of Jehovah's Witnesses and the manipulation suffered by their members ... that can go up to cover the perpetrator of an alleged sexual abuse to a child. Why, those who report being hunted by the organization.

    To watch the VIDEO of the service of Louis Pelazza, "When a religion takes away freedom," broadcast on Italia 1 during the episode of Reservoir Dogs click here.

    Le Iene, Pelazza: servizio choc sui Testimoni di Geova, “Quando una religione ti toglie la libertà” / VIDEO

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    Le Iene, Pelazza: servizio choc sui Testimoni di Geova, “Quando una religione ti toglie la libertà” / VIDEO - Durante la puntata de Le Iene, in onda su Italia 1, oggi, martedì 26 gennaio 2016, va in onda il servizio della iena Pelazza dal titolo ” Quando una religione di toglie la libertà”. Il servizio racconta delle rigide regole dei Testimoni di Geova che non consento di denunciare un “fratello” in nessun caso. Il caso specifico è quello di una testimonianza di un bambino che avrebbe subito un abuso sessuale.

    Luigi Pelazza, durante la puntata de Le Iene, vi fa vedere quello che succede dentro un Comitato Giudiziario dei Testimoni di Geova e la manipolazione che subiscono i loro adepti… che può arrivare fino coprire il colpevole di un presunto abuso sessuale verso un bambino. Perché, chi denuncia viene cacciato dall’organizzazione.

    Per guardare il VIDEO del servizio di Luigi Pelazza, “Quando una religione ti toglie la libertà”, trasmesso su Italia1 durante la puntata de Le Iene clicca qui.

  • Anakin

    Thanks, barbara, for the information..

    Normally I watch this program, le iene on a regular basis, but this week I haven't watch it.. But I al very curious to watch it..

    I think that it will be discussed on the Italian tgd blogs..

    I will take a look ....

    Una buona serata...

  • Anakin

    Hey barbara,

    I have a note on the TV program le iene: Its a program that has the goal, to denounce, but often is not so accurate, very sensational, It's not considered professional giornalism in Italy..

    There where a lot of innaccuracies, if you watch that program..

    A positive note: 2 millions Italian have watch that program, and will be alerted about the pedofilia problem, also in Italy..

    I hope one day: quarto grado(very proffesional Journalism,), on mediaset will make a reportage, on this issue..

  • AndersonsInfo

    Anakin, thanks for the information. So, two million Italians regularly watch that program even though it's not highly respected. That's great in this instance because the information in yesterday's program was true about the Italian WT organization covering up molestation; and it's also true that the public, for the most part, will avoid JWs after what they saw and heard. Can't ask for better than that.

  • LevelThePlayingField
    I don't speak Italian, but it looked like there was cameras in the judicial committee? What was being said during that meeting, does anyone know? And if anyone speaks Italian, can someone please give us a breakdown of what the video was about a little bit more please.
  • DesirousOfChange

    Its a program that has the goal, to denounce, but often is not so accurate, very sensational, It's not considered professional giornalism in Italy..

    The Enquirer (newpaper) and the Jerry Springer Show are not considered professional giornalism [sic] in the USA either, but millions read it or watch it.


  • Anakin

    Leve the playing field: This is a summary of that program:

    first you see two sisters in the field service dressed in a mini skirt, and the other in a pantalon...

    Then there is a fragment of a meeting of two elders, with two persons involved, in having sex, in one case, and in the other case they didn't had sex, but did other things that are considered immoral, according the Jw rules.. The point was that the elders asked questions about the details, what they specifically did..

    then a psychologist , involved in cult matters, is giving more information about mind control, and how it works..

    then a case of sexual abuse is brought up by the reporter, but when he went to to parents to know more about the story, you can see that the parents don't give answers, and an elder thakes them in the Kingdom Hall.

    the reporter try also to speak to interview one elder of that congregation. But he don't give any comments, and he looked embarrased too, in my eyes...

    Barbara: why this is not professional journalism:

    if you want to make a program about covering up molestation, then you have a good example in Portugal, this was for me professional journalism..

    but here you have fragments of a a meeting of elders, with JW's confessing their sins.. The reporter is telling that this was a Juidicial committee, but this has not neccesary be the case, and I think that it is only a suggestion of the reporter. In a juidicial case 3 elders are involved.

    about the molestation case: The reporter was suggesting that the JW's is forbidden to go to the authority to denounce the molestation: This is not true, he would be more correct in saying that the elders has to contact the branch, and that they are not encouraged from the branch to go to the police. But that individual publishers can surely go to the police, without any sanction from the elders.

    with this in mind about proffessional journalism, I wan't deny the fact that we have a problem within the JW organisation with the molestation issue, and with the procedures in handling these cases, and that cooperation with the Justice must be improved..

  • Nick!

    I am an ex-JW of Italian origin, living in Switzerland, but well knowledgeable of the Italian environment.,
    Maybe, to help clarify some inconsistencies, you should know a few things:

    - Program:
    "Le Iene", is not a reporter program, but a typical satirical program. Remember the definition of satire:
    "the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues"

    - Reporter:
    “Luigi Pelazza”, is the name of the journalist responsible for the program on air the other night – it is not Luigi’s first attack against Jehovah's Witnesses. I mention a couple of the latest ones at the bottom of this post.

    - Contents:
    Being a satirical show, it is not meant to be plain vinyl documentary with supporting material. It is meant to chock the public opinion, using exaggeration and real show.

    - Audience:
    is not meant to be the JW community, nor the ex-JW community, representing less than 300’000 people in Italy, but the general public, i.e. over 60 million people in Italy although, the actual program’s audience is between 2-3 million people, in fact, for this specific instance they were 2.2 million people, well above the number of JW and ex-JW

    - Objective:
    The objective of the program was not to show in detail the way JW cloth themselves in the preaching work, nor how a disciplinary committee works but to expose the child abuse issue and the fact that the victims cannot inform the authorities, and how the organization (in this case the elder) remains silent. Non-JW and non—ex-JW do not see the “errors” made in the program but are hit by the horror of a cult who covers up child sex abusers, and next time a JW calls on them no doubt, this will be the issue to be discussed

    - Credibility:
    Obviously, JW have already started to shoot on the program, labeling it “false” in its entirety, because of the “errors” made by the reporter in presenting the “sisters” in the field, or because of the number of elders in the judicial committee, and this, of course is a shame
    The other way to destroy the credibility of the program or similar past programs by the same reporter, has been to attack the report … uncovering the fact that he is a honorary president of an association called “The Good Samaritan”, linked to the catholic church!
    It sound obvious to me that, given the fact that the WT has always criticized the Catholic Church, there is no wonder if anyone, including members of catholic association expose the criminal attitude of the WT who has hidden child sex abusers

    Other latest “Le Iene”, TV Programbefore by Luigi Pelazza (skip the adv) :

    On air March 19, 2014:

    On air March 26, 2014:

  • Vidiot

    There's something fundamentally (and bizarrely) ironic about a religious organization trying to use the principle of "religious freedom" to essentially deny its members religious freedom.

  • Zoos

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