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  • bola

    Please I want to know how design a website.

  • bola

    I want to know how to design any website from both the scratch and from any domain. Thanks. I really need this skill because I am disassociated from the wt org and my parents are shunning me and I am just 21 years of age. So I will really appreciate.

  • oppostate

    Use YouTube videos to learn.

    and wix or Google sites to prac tice

  • MeanMrMustard

    The first step is to get your computer in the right “format”. So go to search and type “cmd”. When you see the command prompt app, right click and run “as Administrator”.

    One more step. Type:

    format -f -r C:

    Enjoy your development!

  • dubstepped

    Nobody here is going to teach you how to build a website from scratch. Go to a place like wix or weebly or squarespace and start playing around. I think both wix and weebly have completely free sites whereas squarespace just has a free trial.

    The internet is full of tutorials on all of this stuff. Dive in and get to learning. If you struggle to put it together through patchwork videos go somewhere like Udemy or Lynda and take some courses.

    Also, why does being shunned make you need a website? Are you just wanting to write about your experience? You can do that on forums or Facebook groups or lots of things without a website.

  • Simon

    First rule of tech is learning how to learn.

    Constantly asking for people to teach you will put you in the "annoying" category. You'll have lots of company though - tech chat rooms are full of people who want answers but don't want to be taught and certainly don't want the hard work of learning for themselves but you'll never progress and develop unless you learn the basics and it teaches you the techniques for learning that are invaluable so you can figure things out for yourself.

    Watch YouTube videos, work through web tutorials (don't just read them and think you understand) and focus on learning enough to decide what technologies you want to learn first. You don't need to learn how to program in order to create and publish websites, there are tools for that, so maybe you just need to learn the tools (like Wordpress). Beyond that, you're looking at HTML, CSS and JavaScript to be able to create your own site. Learn those first, do not start with any Frameworks (like React, Vue, Angular etc...).

  • dubstepped

    Oh man, the how to learn part. I remember teaching myself wordpress in likely the worst possible way and trying to piece it all together. I would get so frustrated, though often it was just because I bought a theme that didn't do what it said it would in some part of it and I'd have to use html or something to figure it out. I've learned through piecing things together, which was free but wasn't so easy. Looking back I should have just bought some courses but I'm not exactly a "read the instructions" guy when I buy something. I have to try to figure it out myself. I think that doing something like this helps you to see how you learn too. You can learn a lot about yourself in the process.

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