The One Redress to Victims That Never Happens

by LetTheTruthBeKnown 4 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • LetTheTruthBeKnown

    It seems no matter how much money or press the victims get, the rank and file JW's are either unaware or do not believe what had happened. The persecution complex takes over. Stockholm Syndrome???

    It's like LaLa can't hear you....

    You would think Zalkin would have the court force the WT to publicize the case on their Web site. That way the average JW will know its true (maybe). Just a thought.

  • Phizzy

    It would be fantastic to see that !

    Sadly, I doubt a Court could force them to Publicize a Case, but they may be able to make them Publish a Full Apology ??? If so, the Court would have to insist it was not couched in the usual JW Mind Control way, or, again, the JW Rank & File will dismiss it in their minds.

    I am looking forward to the brown sticky stuff finally hitting the fan, we know from Posters on here that it has already woken up a number of JW's !

    Even if you and I do not get exactly what we want, the resultant wide publicity from the case will have a huge effect.

  • stillin

    Exactly, Phizzy! The JW's are only another religion that has gotten into serious trouble because of their church policies. Nothing special about it. Not persecution. Not their godliness driving the "world" to madness. The drive to appear more "clean" than any other church groups has finally caught up with them. Big lump under the carpet there where you have been sweeping all of your dirt, WTS.

  • LongHairGal


    Another redress to victims and anybody else who wasted time in the JW religion is that the lost time can never be gotten back!

    But, somebody once told me to look at it as if I were in a bad marriage that I finally got out of. Enough years have passed for me being ‘out’ of the JWs that I don’t think on it anymore.

  • Zoos

    Up to the moment I rejected the Watchtower cult, I would have been one of it's most ardent defenders, demanding that all this pedophile/child abuse talk was apostate-driven propaganda. Don't expect rank and file JWs to use common sense. They can't.... and neither could when I was in.

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