Jesus: Preaching in the 21st century

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    ''I liked it better 2000 years when I preached in synagogues,in the fields,by the sea,in the temples,on mountaintops and valleys.Now,I've been reduced to making small talk and handing out leaflets to our summer convention titled,''REMAIN LOYAL TO JEHOVAH.''

    ''This stupid convention is 80 miles away,3 full days in the middle of summer,bagging your own lunch,paying for hotel and food,and ''making sure you do not reserve seats.''

    '' I hope NO ONE answers the door.''

  • schnell

    I like how Jesus looks sick to his stomach as he faintly knocks on that door.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Knock, knock..

    Who's there?


    Householder: Open the door. Jesus you are back, Is this the end of days?

    Jesus: Not yet, I need to get more hours in the door work, the preaching work hasn't reach everyone, maybe in the next generation...

    Householder: WTH , why are you knocking on doors?

    Jesus: The GB told me we don't care who you say you are, they told me to grab a cart or knock on some doors you have been demoted. Man, things have changed since I been away..

  • scratchme1010

    '' I hope NO ONE answers the door.''

    You have no idea how many times I wished that for 23 years!

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    It's a warm spring day and some of the Governing Body are hanging around the office and talking to the staff. Suddenly the phone rings. Geoffrey Jackson reaches the phone, waving the secretary away. "I've got it," he mouthed.

    "Hello, Geoffrey Jackson," he said. What a thrill it would be for the person on the other end, he thought. A real GB member on the line! What a story this would be for the person's grandkids, he thought! But then he went cold.

    "Psssst," said Mark Sanderson, "what's wrong?" But Jackson held up his hand and quickly waved him back.

    "Uh-huh...yes, I see. Uh-huh...I'll pass it on. Ummm...thanks." Then Jackson hangs up the phone.

    "What in the world is it?" says Sanderson, looking grave.

    "Yeah, I've got some good news and some bad news," Jackson says.

    "Well, what's the good news?" Sanderson says.

    "The good news," Jackson says, "is that Christ has returned at last!"

    The office is stunned. Sanderson gives him a crooked smile, then asks, "If that's the good news, what's the bad?"

    Jackson paused. "The bad news is, he's calling from Salt Lake City!

  • waton

    why do you knock on doors? before you left, you could just walk in without even opening them *** and where is your i pad?

    *** to convince the doubting house holders aka Thomases? we have a very hard time doing that by knocking. it is like knocking our heads against a wall.

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