People Magazine Investigates: Cults

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    I saw the one about Heaven's Gate. It turns out that they had expected to be gathered up a few years prior to the Hale-Bopp comet suicides. And not surprisingly, it didn't happen. That point really stood out to me because it reminded me of the expectations for 1975. The documentary also brought out how Marshall Applewhite had to "adjust the cult's beliefs" to explain the passing of his partner Bonnie Nettles. The group accepted his "revised teachings" and proceeded to recruit new members. This sounded very similar to a typical "new light" scenario.

    The documentary featured Terrie Nettles, who is the daughter of Bonnie, and also the mother of one of the suicide victims. It even featured a couple of "apostates" who were referred to as "survivors" of the cult. I use the term "apostates" because they willingly left the cult before it was too late. One seemed to fit the description of what we would call POMI. How he could still believe in all that nonsense is beyond me, but at least he's still alive. I just hope he doesn't start his own cult or something. It's scary because they said Heaven's Gate currently has 2 members, so this thing could definitely regenerate itself and victimize another group of credulous people.

    I hope they do an episode on Watchtower soon. By the way, they referred to Heaven's Gate as the first cult to have its own website. So how soon after heavensgate.c0m did watchtower.borg pop up? Does anyone know?

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