People who join the JWS forfeit their own salvation by avowing themselves to the lying false prophet Watchtower Corporation.

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  • Finkelstein

    Present that bit of information to a JWS and what would you expect from them in reply ?

    But in reality its true and you can support that statement by even using the bible.

    The WTS/JWS is just one of many organizations of anti biblical charlatanism endeavored around literature proliferation.

    The JWS organization self identifies itself as the most righteous and faithfully adherent to the bible, yet when one examines the bible carefully particularly the words and teachings of Jesus Christ, there are obvious discrepancies and apostasy .

    The operating leaders of the WTS going back to the late 1800's were not pressed to gain support and confirmation from outside sources for their own acquired theology as in Pyramidology teachings etc.

    They were more pressed to make up their own teachings which in expectation were appealing to the general public at large , such as " Christ has return a new world order to come ".

    Great statements to make or position on the front cover of a magazine as it were but not faithfully adherent to the bible or the instruction laid out by Jesus in preaching his New Kingdom to come.

    For most of the history of the WTS/JWS it was an organization that presented and preached a tainted false commercialized Gospel influenced more upon literature proliferation then scriptural accuracy and adherence.

    Jesus in his own words said to stand away and be aware of false prophets and how to actually identify them.

    So in truthful adherence to his words, you would have to identify the WTS as a false prophet from a scriptural sense.

    Ironic as it is this same bit of information came to me out in service talking to a Pastor of another Church which I cant remember which nevertheless stuck to me for a long time.

    So it would be truthful and honest to say that individual JWS forfeit their own salvation by being loyally attached and subservient to this particular false Prophet .

  • Finkelstein

    Jesus condemned his followers to not set a time upon God's own sacred time yet the WTS leaders disregarded that instruction and proclaimed that 1874 was the year that Christ would return, then it was 1914 , then it was 1925, then it was 1975 each instance was really apostate in opposition to Jesus instructions of preaching his Gospel of a New Kingdom .

    That's what the bible teaches not what the Watchtower Publishing house teaches.

    You cant gain salvation through men's own active sins or avow yourself to them, you have to be faithful and subservient to Jesus according to what he said and what the bible says.

    Is it any wonder many have proclaimed the Watchtower Corporation is being influenced by Satan the great liar and deceiver !

  • EverApostate

    The word Prophet itself is a misnomer or an illusionary term. Nobody can prophesy (Predict future things) in this world and anyone who profess to do so is a conman.

    Jesus himself was a (false) Prophet, whose prophecies eventually never happened. And so are the various Bible Writers.

    ANd there is nothing called salvation either. Death is common for any living species and thats the end of it. "Salvation" is one of the various imaginary concept coined by Bible writers

  • Finkelstein

    Yes agree EA but my statement comes from a believers theological viewpoint who think they are gaining salvation through men who are enacted as false prophets, who also exploit people to circumvent their own power, control and money.

  • Ireneus

    When I observed them closely I found that people with a particular tendency (taking delight in seeing the negative side of others) are sticking together which means they have an organization they deserved.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS was always a teacher of a false Gospel in opposition to Jesus's laid instructions in preaching of his new kingdom.

    Their preaching was simply tainted with commercialism, endeavored through literature proliferation and that still holds true to this day .

    When the WTS comes out and honesty proclaim that 1874 was was wrong as well 1914 or even 1975, then they might remove themselves from apostasy.

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