Jehovah's Witnesses May Have to Look for a New Whipping Boy Due to New Evidence About Catholic Church

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  • David_Jay
    “The BBC is right to recognise that the libel that Catholics said and did nothing against Nazism is precisely that, a collective libel. I am grateful to them for doing so.”--Lord Alton of Liverpool.

    So reported the Catholic Herald (UK) on Friday, 9th of December 2016 after the BBC admitted it greatly underestimated the Catholic Church's opposition to Hitler during the Shoah.

    The BBC’s internal watchdog has found that a programme wrongly accused the Catholic Church of “silence” about the Holocaust.

    After Pope Francis’s visit to Auschwitz in July, BBC One’s 6pm news bulletin carried a report which stated: “Silence was the response of the Catholic Church when Nazi Germany demonised Jewish people and then attempted to eradicate Jews from Europe.”

    In response, the cross-bench peer Lord Alton of Liverpool and Fr Leo Chamberlain, the former headmaster of Ampleforth, made an official complaint.

    Nearly six months later, the BBC’s editorial complaints unit has now concluded that the item was unfair. According to the unit, the BBC reporter “did not give due weight to public statements by successive popes or the efforts made on the instructions of Pius XII to rescue Jews from Nazi persecution, and perpetuated a view which is at odds with the balance of evidence.”

    For more, go to:

    This is not an isolated incident. It seems that history was not only unfair toward the Jews leading up to the Shoah, it has been the same toward the Catholic Church ever since the Holocaust ended. While some of this started with Jews who demanded to know where the Church's call for justice and peace was during the years that Hitler's extermination machine was in operation, the answers and subsequent good relations that have followed since between the Jews and the Catholic Church have met with deaf ears by many in the secular world.

    In some instances, anti-Semitism became replaced by anti-Catholicism, and as the Church released details about what it had done during the years of the Holocaust (albeit too slowly even for many Jews who are participants in the current Jewish-Catholic dialogue process), the evidence was too often met with unfounded skepticism by some.

    Jehovah's Witnesses have been all too eager to repeat the unfounded skepticism as fact in its publications, from its platforms, and from the mouths of its door-to-door preachers who regularly use the Catholic Church as a figurative "whipping boy" for all that is evil and Satanic.

    While joint efforts between Judaism and the Catholic Church have revealed that the Church's response to the Shoah was indeed inconsistent, it was definitely not non-existent. Despite the evidence that suggests more could have been done or that what was done could have been handled far differently, it is also acknowledged today that much did indeed happen as the Church attempted to come to grips and deal with an unthinkable and volatile situation.

    While the response of the Church during the Shoah may have definitely been a mixed-bag of sorts, it was far from silent and complicit. As a Jew I am not clearing the Church of all past sins, so to speak, but on the other hand sometimes all it takes to be a party to a lie is to avoid telling a detail that could change a claim commonly made. The BBC, like others, has made the effort to not be a party to a lie.

    Though stranger things have happened, it is not likely that the Governing Body or the average Jehovah's Witness will follow the same path and change their song about their favorite whipping boy. The problem for them now, however, is that even more people will see through their disparaging comments about Catholics and likely feel even less inclined to accept other things they teach as truth.


    Thank you for these news clips. I had researched some of the claims made by my elder brother about how the church 'secretly' wanted the holocaust against the Jews. Imagine that people actually believed that? The church which has promoted humans rights to ALL people since it's beginning was wanting the assault against the Jews?

    Not likely and history has proven those claims to be false.

    The Watchtower, in contrast, had initially supported Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Then in true watchtower fashion, promoted their revisionist history showing themselves on the correct side.

    The Watchtower has never been on the correct side of anything imo

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Interesting link, David_Jay.

    Of course, there is one potential new 'whipping boy' for the WTS, but the JW higher-ups daren't go down that route.

  • Onager

    TTWSYF, I'm currently reading a history of the inquisition in Spain and I'm afraid that the Catholic church at that point in their history was actively depriving Jews of their basic human rights and their lives on a horrific scale.

    They have more blood on their hands than the JW's, but then they had (and have) vastly more power and influence as well.



    If you are reading about the spanish inquisition, then you may be aware of 2 facts.

    1st- Less than 2000 people died

    AND, it was not a teaching or promotion of the catholic church. It was some [certainly misguided] people in the church.

    That said, I totally agree that certainly there are lots of victims from catholics, but not from the catholic teachings

  • Onager

    1. 2,000 to 5,000 deaths plus countless thousands deprived of their possessions and their homes specifically because they were Jewish or thought to be relapsed New-Christians (who had reverted to Jewish ways).

    2. The inquisition was instituted under the authorisation of Pope Sixtus IV. Here's a quote:

    Thus it befell that by order of the Catholic Sovereigns their Orator at
    the Pontifical Court, D. Francisco de Santillana, applied to Sixtus IV
    for a bull that should empower Ferdinand and Isabella to set up the
    tribunal of the Inquisition in Castile, to enable them--as Bernaldez
    puts it--to proceed to the extirpation of heresy “by the way of
    fire”--_por via del fuego_.

    I'm not particularly anti-Catholic, but to say that their history is one of promoting human rights for all people is just wrong.

  • David_Jay

    I happen to be a Sephardic Jew myself. All ancestral lines of my family were greatly persecuted during the Spanish Inquisition and subsequently the Mexican Inquisition (when after the Alhambra Decree we came to the new world and founded Monterrey).

    While exact numbers of victims are not yet readily available to the public as the Catholic Church just began releasing documentation to Sephardic families at the close of the 20th century, it has been hard for members of the Church to come to grips with the extent of the persecution.

    Despite this, we Jews for the most part have chosen active dialogue over grudges (again "for the most part," though not universally). Unlike the Jehovah's Witnesses and similar groups who keep regurgitating the injustices against my people as an excuse for their prejudices against Catholicism, we are in active, formal cooperation with the Roman Catholic Church today. Not only in dialogue but in humanitarian efforts do Jews and Christians work together today (a union led by the efforts of the Holy See, I might add). For our part we recognize that we Jews as a people have not always been free from prejudice, bigtory, intolerance, and sometimes worse in our own past dealings with Christians. In order to prevent further problems, both sides have decided that it is impossible to remain faithful to our respective convictions without being active partners in creating a lasting solution.

    If Jews can get past the past, nobody else has a right to blame current Catholics or their current organization with yesterday's sins committed by the worst among them. If they are changing things and we are working with them, then groups like the JWs who teach the public to still judge today's Catholics by yesterday's errors are not only hypocrites (considering their recent excuses regarding their "not inspired" and 'fallible' Governing Body), they are angry over incidents that never involved them in the first place!

    So if you are angry about the sins of the Catholic Church's past, O dear Jehovah's Witnesses (and those who think like them), why not stop kvetching and get involved in the solution by being part of the Jewish-Christian dialogue? The world is what we make of it. If it's bad and you're doing nothing more than judging and complaining, you have only yourself to blame if it doesn't get better.

  • Vidiot
    TTWSYF - "...The Watchtower has never been on the correct side of anything..."

    Real estate deals, maybe. :smirk:

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