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  • Crazyguy
    I believe the Masons we're anti Christs, Tomas Jefferson I read even wrote a Bible leaving out anything to do with Jesus because these Masons new the Christ was just a retelling of older God's, some of these gods being from the egyptian religion.. Russell was said to be a Mason and it's interesting that he traveled to Egypt to confirm some of his beliefs. Then after he returns home his religion becomes more like that of the ancient Egyptian religion then probably any other Christians sect. Like the Egyptians the jws believe in a two class system one class goes to heaven to be with God, just like the Pharaoh's and the other rank and file class goes to a paradise called the field of reeds. The also only give Christ token lip service at best. So is there anyway to connect the dots to see if Russell a Mason, and learns Egyptian religion, is an ati Christ etc.? Just seems since he went to Egypt all to peculiar.
  • FayeDunaway
    Russell was like, a WANNABE Mason. Like a Mason, but way not as cool, and not accepted by him in their society, tho he liked to pretend he knew the special handshakes. (Lol) Interesting observations, crazy guy, esp. about Egytian beliefs and how they matched Russell's.
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Trying hard to live up to that CRAZYGUY avatar, huh?

    You are 100% wrong about the Jefferson Bible. Rather than leaving OUT Jesus, it contains ONLY what Jesus is supposed to have said. Here's a radical idea: LOOK IT UP.

    And you are correct, Russell WAS SAID to be a Mason by people who didn't know what they were talking about. You could LOOK THAT UP TOO, but why bother if it makes your head hurt?

    You are also right - probably as a result of a happy accident, certainly not by design - that Russell travelled to Egypt and was very much influence by pyramidology.

    Your posts, CRAZGUY, are antimatter for the thinking mind. You're *special*.

  • talesin

    NN, you are sounding like H_S. : P

    (I've realized that a lot of people access through their phones, and that would make searching difficult - home internet is very expensive, almost $100/month here.)

    Crazyguy - a lot of people think that Russell was a Mason, because of the pyramid near his grave, and the weird pyramid and masonic stuff on the cover of the early literature. He *did* hang out with them, and I too, think he was a wannabe Mason.

    There's lots of threads on the forum about that very thing. xx tal

  • Crazyguy
    Wow Nathan why all the hostility, is it wrong to ask a question on this forum? First in didn't say he was a Mason but their is a lot of information pics, etc that would indicate a connection. I also said I read somewhere that Jefferson was anti Jesus an wrote a Bible indicating this again not stating this as a fact but a question. My over all point and questions were not about an idea of he being a Mason but rather if these influences along with his travels to Egypt could have led him to copy the teachings found in Egyptian mythology?
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Knuclehead said, " it wrong to ask a question on this forum?"

    No, asking questions is ENCOURAGED.

    You dumped a crap-load of specious statements and summed up with one question: "So is there anyway to connect the dots to see if Russell a Mason, and learns Egyptian religion, is an ati Christ etc.?"

    I CHALLENGE YOU to prepare a brief report on what your research reveals. I think you just want other people to do your homework for you. Prove me wrong, Nutcake!


    Crazyguy, you've gone down a rabbit hole. Here's the deal, once you jump in, you might as well enjoy the ride.

    This is what I have come to believe. A long, long time ago, humans happened. Then they started discovering awesome stuff everywhere. They noticed the relationship between the sky and the earth. Why wouldn't they? Regardless of what anyone believes about the origin of life, there is irrefutable evidence that the Universe is what we are made of. We are made of stars, if you will.

    Then some smarter ( or possibly more observant ) humans discovered ( or were shown, depending on your theological persuasion ) Geometry. Then all kinds of awesome stuff happened because "Sacred Geometry", as it was called by ancient dudes, is in everything because everything is made of it. There is a saying, "As above, so below."

    These ancient dudes came to believe in a All Mind/Consciousness/Father/ of life. They did a lot of stuff which they called sacred and much of it was actually what we would call science. After all, "Science" is not a thing, but a method.

    So, Sacred Geometry In ancient times, all "Scientists" believed in "God", just not a "Jeehoober" like we were told about. They believed in the God/Mind and viewed sacred geometry as evidence. They believed it so much that they really started to use sacred geometry in everything. As a matter of fact, they couldn't help but use it, because it is everything.

    It's pretty easy to see why groups like the Masons were considered as keepers of occult knowledge. They had to be careful, especially when the religious climate changed into Xianity. Lots of people died at the hands of the RCC for challenging official doctrine with "science" in later centuries.

    Many groups like the Masons believed in a Hermetic Messiah. When you view writings, like a Bible that may contain Jesus' actual words, through the lens ( insert Copernicus joke here..LOL ) of Hermeticism based on sacred geometry, then Russel trying to find answers in the Great Pyramids isn't quite as weird. If CTR was not a Mason, he was sure as hell influenced by them and whatever they believed, hence the winged Sun. Actually, many famous persons in the Scientific circles were not Xian, but believed in a God/Mind.

    I wouldn't call Jefferson or the Masons anti-Christ. They were just anti-Xians. Even the Bible, if you believe it, has a very strict definition of anti-Christ. Just because the Masons or Jefferson did not believe in the "Jesus" that the Council of Nicea decided was the right one, it doesn't make them anti-christs, at least not in my opinion.

    Anyway, have fun in the rabbit hole! Tell the Caterpillar that D-Dog says, "Wazzup Bro!?" 😎


  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Free Masons have been badly maligned as "occult" and satanic. You also hear about the use of the pyramid, the all-seeing eye, inverted pentagram and other symbols being used in Satan worship. But many of these symbols were only degraded in recent years. The inverted star was used by ancient Christians and can be found in many ancient churches dating back to the 1200s.

    The Masons' all-seeing eye represents the omniscience of God. The use of the pyramid is not a masonic symbol, but the triangle is. But even if it were a masonic symbol, pyramids are found all over the world (such as Egypt, Greece, Spain, the Americas (North and South), Tibet, Vietnam, China, etc.) and are seen as architectural marvels. In fact, all the symbols of free masonry that I've been able to find represent good, decent, honorable and desirable traits and goals. There are no occult, satanic, lecherous, lazy, untruthful or dishonorable teachings and many great men in U.S. history have been Masons.

    There are many symbols that were once good that are now seen as evil because they've been adopted by unholy and unimaginative groups like the Church of Satan.

  • JeffT
    So is there anyway to connect the dots to see if Russell a Mason, and learns Egyptian religion, is an ati Christ etc.?

    No. At a minimum you need to factor in the man on the grassy knoll that shot JFK, and the fact that CERN is a stargate leading to another dimension, and that Denver International airport is a portal to hell. It isn't clear yet if chemtrails are linked to any of this.

    Seriously, this stuff is a waste of time. There is no way to pull a bunch of random factoids out of the air and connect them together into anything like a rational explanation of how the world works.

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