Medal of Honor (PS2)

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  • Out At 22
    Out At 22

    Are there any Medal of Honor fans out there? My fiance-to-be LOVES those games! I bought him the new one, 'Rising Sun' for Christmas (plus Lord of the Rings: Two Towers (4 DVD collection). It was just released this week and is on it's way to me. He'll be in heaven!

    Ahhhhhhhh, the lovely sound of automatic gunfire in the background.... LOL

  • Special K
    Special K

    Hi Tatiana

    My house is split in the sense that I have two older teenagers that love these gun fire, blow em up games.

    And I have an 8 year old who isn't yet allowed to play or watch these games.

    so ...

    Nightly Gun fire and explosions start here between 8-11..

    Before that.. it's just (ding, dong, plung, plunk, vroom. type games.


    Special K

  • SiouxWoman

    Hi I was told by brothers that I had to give up my (ACTION) games F--- that. I just made sure they were in a cabinet, and out of site. One bro. was a cop and a Marine in his life before the dubs. And he had guns hidden at his house. And this man was making a fast rise in the org. I asked him if it bothered him about the guns. Hell. NO he told me. Any one breaks into my house and Ill blow him away.So much for trusting in Jehovah to protect you. Craziness.Im so glad Im out

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