Human Rights in Russia - and elsewhere

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    The org will do all it can to capitalise and highlight the persecution and brutal treatment of r&f J.W.'s which has already occurred, and which will almost certainly increase. Many governments & institutions will condemn the judgement as a human rights violation.

    Such bodies should remember that human rights is a two-way street, and force the WTBTS - wherever they open up shop - to recognise every J.W.'s human right to be adequately & legally represented at Judicial Committee hearings, should they find themselves in such a situation.

    Virtually every company/organization in the developed world is required by law to forewarn its users/customers of any potential risks or side-effects. Potential recruits of the WTBTS should be clearly warned - at the outset - the inhuman penalties they may face as a baptised J.W. if they commit a serious sin, challenge/disagree with a teaching, or simply state they no longer class themselves as one of J.W.'s.

    It's time for the human rights baseball bat to be used on the WTBTS.

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