The Psychological Benefits of Contemplating Death

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    Nice video, and I agree with its message that death serves a good purpose. It is like speed breakers on the road which seem to be an inconvenience or annoyance. However, when viewed from larger perspective it becomes good because speed breaker near to places like school prevents accidents that can happen to little ones who may come on to the road carelessly.

    Similarly, if viewed mechanically death may appear as a curse, but if viewed from larger perspective, death would appear as good. ‘What if there is no death, if one goes on growing more and more vibrant physically, perfecting his skills and talents, and even growing in money power, influence ….etc.? He would probably behave like King David who was very humble to start with but finally turned out to be greedy and arrogant who began to add more wives and numerous women to his harem, and went to the extent of treacherously killing his faithful friend to steal his wife. Then comes death, an inevitable event in everyone’s life. While waiting for death with often ailing body one begins to see all the wasteful things he thought, said and performed in his life! He correctly thinks: “I am not that important as I thought, I have no basis to feel I did or owned this and that …” which means he is now free from the shackles of wanting and from bondage to body, mind, and ego. In such a state one can see clearly all the wasteful things he did in his life. On the contrary if there is no death, self-importance of people would go on growing with each one perfecting his wickedness and arrogance, and this will ensure eternal hell on earth.

    That means the experience gained in one life would be an asset in the next life. Subject of life after death need not be based on some speculation because we all know one absolute truth that we exist. This is a good foundation to build upon. I go like this: “I exist; I am consciousness with a conscience knowing what is right and wrong. I did not create myself. I came through my parents who came through their parents—a system that can have no beginning. If one has only one life, justice demands that everyone should receive equal life-span and equal opportunities for enjoyment of life. If life continues even after death, as in the case of Elijah who reappeared as John the Baptist (Mathew 11:14), everyone’s life situation can be different depending upon each one’s merit: “For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” (Luke 6:38)

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