Self Exam for your Mind: Are you really "Free" from Watchtower mentality?

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  • TerryWalstrom

    Imagine a knock at the door.
    Who is there?
    It is an Optometrist offering free eye exams!
    Come in--come in.
    Within months, you're wearing a new pair of specially prescribed glasses...and SEEING THINGS DIFFERENTLY.


    Jehovah's Witnesses wear "those" glasses.
    WE ALL wore them.
    The lenses colored what we saw and the feedback from the Governing Body "explained" why things didn't look the same.

    "Only NOW--are you seeing the Truth," they whisper.


    Hang on to that analogy for a moment or two, okay?
    We didn't just get glasses.
    We were hypnotized and told to do something as ridiculous as
    "Quack like a duck".
    Except--it wasn't all in fun as entertainment.
    We were hypnotized and told lies about ourselves and our entire world.

    The quacking wasn't animal noises--it was propaganda messages.
    We were transformed into a kind of Pizza delivery service of weaponized "Jehovah-flavored" meals.
    The meals were laced with mind-altering ingredients!
    Still with me?

    Until we "woke up" and found our life down around our ankles, that hypnotic trance hijacked everything we are and everybody we know.

    ARE WE AWAKE--really awake now?

    DID WE REMOVE those glasses prescribed by the GB?

    Have you ever been asleep and dreamed you were awake?
    This may be the most important question you'll ever answer.

    I was hypnotized at a party once--for fun. In my head--I was just "going along with the gag" and "pretending" to be hypnotized.
    Guess what?
    That tiny surrender IS hypnosis.

    You give yourself a reason for quacking like a duck.
    Then--you "wake up" and people are laughing. At YOU.

    What just happened?
    Every time you hear the word "elbow" you start quacking again!
    (Post-hypnotic suggestion.)

    I am NOT a believer in hypnosis but that didn't save me :)

    What is the point of my story?
    Here it is. Ready for it?

    We don't EASILY escape!
    We may still be wearing those glasses.
    We may still feel an uncontrollable urge to "quack."

    Is there an EXAM for that?

    Here is a quick one I made for myself.
    It's up to you whether you use it and how you feel about it.

    1. Do you see the world in terms of Good and Evil, Friend or Foe?
    Either this or that?
    Or is there a whole lot of grayscale in everyday life?
    Or is there a color spectrum?

    2. Do you still wonder what the Bible "really means?"
    Do you find yourself plunging into debates?
    Are you intrigued by conspiracy theories?
    Have you wandered off into fringe areas and discussions?

    3. Have you substituted Political beliefs for religious obsessions?
    Do you argue for your side and damn the rest?
    Find yourself regarding different viewpoints as "stupid"?

    4. Are you able to relax and enjoy a day to day life or do you feel compelled to pick at troubles, making complications, puzzling at mysteries
    Do you Pray? Chant? Mumble? :)

    5. If somebody asks you, "What do you believe?" What is the urgency of your emotional response?
    Is it defensive or casual?
    Are your personal opinions robust or measured and relaxed?

    6. Do find yourself challenging the opinions of other people with a slightly unfriendly tone?
    Or can you allow the views of others to wash over you without strong and let live?

    7. Do you find yourself asking the question:
    "But what if JW's really DO have "the Truth?"

    8. Have you found a new central source of information?
    A guru? An expert? A spiritual advisor?
    Or do you perform wide-ranging skeptical inquiry from a great many sources?


    The answers you now give might be red flags.

    You may still be wearing those glasses!
    You may still be offering a "Quack"!

    I leave you with this one thought:

    The same brain that got you into a Kingdom Hall in the first place does not magically disappear with a fresh, reboot automatically.
    The Jehovah's Witness way of seeing the world REMAINS until you do the work to clean out the cobwebs, dust, dirt, grime and spider's eggs.

    Life doesn't come with an Owner's Manual.
    Nobody has all the answers.

    (Self-examination takes years of effort. After all, it is your MIND doing the inspection of...ITSELF!)

    "The Meaning of Life" is only as real as you make it."

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    WOW Terry what thought provoking questions. You must be touching some raw nerves on those questions. As a born-in I often wonder if I will ever be free from the WT mentality. I have found myself slowly changing my thinking in many areas. But as always once in a while I do quack but not as often as before. I have come to terms I will fight this thinking all the way to the grave. The prison of mind control we were in is a very powerful force to reckon with. The only good thing is being aware of this problem helps me and hopefully others to be more free of Borg thinking. Quack Quack. Thank you for this post. Still Totally ADD

  • Xanthippe

    I love this Terry, thanks. Waking up and finding your life around your ankles! That is so expressive of what happened to my husband and myself.

    In the main my perceptions are pretty healthy now after about three decades out. Occasionally I find myself getting a little paranoid when people are being difficult.

    Paranoia I think is overkill of the survival instinct added to an overdose of cortisol from prolonged stress. As long as you can recognise it early you're okay. It doesn't mean the world is going to hell and everyone is a monster.

  • TerryWalstrom

    Damn! I've been hacked.
    Can I un-hack the hack?

    Neurotic means life isn't working because of _____.
    You wash your hands too much.
    You start arguments.
    You are hoarding.
    You are superstitious. You make excuses. Blah blah blah.

    I become a friend to the man I wish to be.
    My JW self is an injured person on the side of the road.
    My efforts are guided toward kindness, healing, and restoration.

    Each day, I select an important vocabulary word.
    I write down what the JW Terry would say followed what
    the best new version of ideal Terry would say.

    If I leave this world a better place through individual acts of kindness, I am part of the healing and not the wounding of mankind.

    I learn to identify others as persons, NOT categorizing them in group Identities or attributing characteristics of a collective to unique individuals.
    I avoid Politics.
    I don't join movements.
    I've proven in the past, I am a god-a-holic.
    I may have the cravings--but--just one drink sets me on a binge.

  • TerryWalstrom

    I forgot to mention, I've known several people (well, 3 at least) who disavowed Watchtower living, then-- went out and wrecked their lives because they had zero idea how to make practical personal decisions.

    One of those persons was my first wife.

    Slightly off-topic, but relevant...
    During the time JoAnn was going off the rails, no JW visited her and tried to set her back on course.
    No effort was made to sit her down with a Judicial Committee.
    No effort was made to DF her.

    It is my personal opinion that she never CONSCIOUSLY intended to NOT be a JW. She had been rattled by the failure of 1975 and lost faith.

    Consequently, without an alternate strategy and with no confidantes to advise her--she died in a chase with the cops, drunk at the wheel. (Her driver's license had been suspended.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS mentally institutes the propagation that just about everything that goes on by other humans outside of their own organization in activity is evil and unrighteous ie. governments, charities and other religions, the media, non-JWS, atheists, higher education the list goes on.

    At the same time the WTS institutes in a self supporting way how one can be righteous, wholesome, good and sets out behavioral guidelines to create that righteous persona, which in the endeavor is suppose to appease God.

    There is so much control placed onto JWS , when certain ones leave they go carelessly over board with their new found released freedoms.

    The truth of the matter is people can correct their own behavior for the better to themselves and others, all on their own without intervention of recognized highly controlling religious organizations..

  • TerryWalstrom

    Having your life programmed by the WTS is like being in a play and saying the same lines for your character over and over day after day with the firm assurance of outcome at the end.
    It's all laid out for you.
    Groundhog Day writ large.

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