Anyone at dudley this weekend

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  • Deltawave

    I attended the assembly programming at dudley yesterday (saturday) and it was so boring.

    Only 5 baptisms I think. During the baptism talk an 11 year old girl was interviewed who has already been baptised a year! (Disgraceful)

    She was relating how she has been persecuted by her teacher because she wouldn't sing the national anthem at school. The persecution was so horrific, she had to read a book in a hallway (yawn)

    What a complete waste of day, although I did get to sit and relax for a few hours which I wouldn't have done normally.

  • Deltawave

    I forgot to mention, it started with a deficit hahahahahah

  • nicolaou

    Do you.mean Dudley in the West Midlands UK?

  • truthwillsetyoufree

    Dudley in the West Midlands UK was my go to assembly hall. Needless to say I haven’t been there for some 7 years. 😝

    But I will say this, it’s a beautiful assembly hall! I always did enjoy going there. I remember when it was a really run down place before it was refurbished. The transformation was breathtaking.

    It was also here that I received the push to leave the religion. Oh brother Algarve! (District overseer at the time - remember those? 😜) He gave an example of the dangers of the internet with all the apostate material there is. A missionary couple returned to England in order to care for an elderly relative. They were given an assignment - they were head of the entire foreign language field for Britain. They were a super duper spiritual couple. At some point though they went on the internet and researched Jehovah’s witnesses (no reason as to why they should do this) and only after a few days of reading and researching they handed in their notice of disassociation. Brother Algarve shrugged sombrely and uttered “such are the dangers of the internet”. Whilst most people in the audience nodded their heads in agreement with staying away from the internet to research Jehovah’s witnesses, for me I couldn’t help but think “what on Earth is on the internet that would cause such a spiritual couple, who have devoted and sarcificed years of their lives to the organisation to only go and throw it all away after just a few days?”

    So I went and looked for myself. Dudley assembly hall brought me into the organzation (I was baptised there at 15 on a most joyous day) and it also gave me what I needed to leave.

    Thank you Dudley assembly hall for being a part of my life.


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    my late mum and dad used to go to Dudley--they lived about 12 miles away.

  • AverageJoe1

    And it is opposite the Zoo, where you'll get a lot more sense out of the animals there than on the platform at the assembly hall!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    my involvement with Dudley--the town--not the assembly hall....was my job.

    back in the late 60's i took a job as an insurance agent with the United Friendly insurance company--a UK friendly society. the job involved travelling round the area--shaking down customers for weekly insurance premiums. all my clients were west indian ex pat immigrants settled in the west midlands. it was never without its fun and incidents.

    the job was very popular with dubs--i knew lots who worked for the company.

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