Andy Griffith Returns

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  • TresHappy

    For those of you who love Andy Griffith, the CBS Special is tomorrow tonight.

  • SanFranciscoJim

    I saw it.

    Every time I see one of those reunion specials, it makes me feel that much older. I remember when those episodes were first broadcast.

    Like a friend of mine says: "You know you're getting old when you hear Stairway To Heaven on an 'easy listening' station."

  • onacruse
    onacruse avatar got changed just in time


  • Star

    Hey everyone, I want to let you know that our beloved
    Andy of Mayberry will be the special guest at the
    Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA, on Sunday,
    November 23, during 9:30 and 11 a.m. services. Seats are free!

    If you can't make it to either church service, watch
    him on the Hour of Power program on Sunday, November 30
    (check your local listing or watch it on the Lifetime cable
    channel at 8 a.m. ET/PT). It will also be broadcast on Saturday,
    November 29th on TBN (check your local listing).

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