Ozzie's shiraz spa!

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  • ozziepost

    G'day all,

    Yep, it had to happen! Mrs Ozzie and I were sharing a most enjoyable outdoor spa this afternoon with our navy friends. We'd sampled some Tiger beers over a bbq but now it was time to get serious! Yep, a case of shiraz brought over from New Zealand. Montana Wines are a large wine producer in New Zealand making a wide range of wine styles from Marlborough, Hawke's Bay and Gisborne. They're not the world's most renowned shiraz producer, but we're the adventurous types! We had before us some Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, vintage 2000.

    So, we started by placing an opened bottle on the side of the spa. Once the jets started their turbulent roar, the bottle just slid....and toppled into the spa!

    Can you imagine such a sight? Drowning in a bath of shiraz! Can there be a better way to go??

    Mrs Ozzie thought it was a real hoot. There we were all soaking in red wine. Solution? Well, our friendly naval host simply said, "I'll get another!"

    What can we say about the wine? The wine was produced from grapes grown in the Hawke's Bay and Marlborough regions. The label claims it is "a smooth and elegant wine that always impresses". Well, I gotta say, this one really impressed! So much we bathed in it!!!!Smiles But seriously, it is a rich but soft wine with "intense cherry flavours". We liked it.

    But what would you have done? Would you have simply lain back in the smooth red wine? Would you have tried to save it?

    Ya gotta admit, Ozzie did somethin' different this weekend!

    Cheers, OzzieCheersCheers

  • shamus

    I would love to try it, ozzie. Unfortunately, wine selection in canada is crap... (british columbia).

    Did your skin turn red? (I mean permenantely?__)

  • sens

    I was given a bottle of vintage...not sure what it is..all I know is its 75' the year i was born...and yes I wouldve tried to save it!

  • Princess

    sounds like there was no saving it Ozzie. I'd have relaxed and enjoyed it!


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