If You Could Hear What I See.

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  • Blueblades

    Born with a hearing loss that went undetected until she was eight,Kathy Buckley grew up in a silent world,her family and teachers assuming she was mentally retarded.She was sexually abused,run over by a jeep,and stricken with cancer all before the age of thirty.Rather than be consumed by grief,Kathy sought the light of laughter.

    Kathy Buckley not only survived,she went on to become a top female comic,the award winning author of a one - woman show,and a beloved motivational speaker in demand throughout the country.

    In "If You Could Hear What I See,"Buckley weaves a remarkable story about the people and events that shaped her life and encouraged her to dream.She reveals the priceless gift she received after a stunning life - after - death experience-----the gift that gave her power.

    Most of all,"If You Could Hear What I See"is about a woman who made a choice:to overcome all the obstacles life threw her way,and to meet those challenges with dignity,courage,and laughter.

    I thought my life had been a challenge until I experienced Kathy Buckley sharing hers.I met her in person and after reading her book,"If You Could Hear What I See"lessons about life,luck,and the choices we make,her words will live in my heart.

    If you agree that laughter is one of the most powerful factors in healing in our lives,then read this book.

    Blueblades who wishes to share a laugh with you.

  • morty

    thanks for sharing........something I will look into...

  • nilfun

    Thanks so much for that post, Blueblades. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine, isn't it?

    And I'm glad you made it through the accident in one piece! ((Blueblades))

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