The Last Prayer

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  • Seven

    The Last Prayer
    A little girl lay awake one night,
    Alone in a hospital bed,
    She closed her eyes and prayed to Jah,
    And this is what she said,
    "Don't let Daddy be too sad,
    And don't let Mommy cry,
    Help Tommy not to be to lonely,
    And not to be so shy,
    Give my dolls to the little girls,
    Who need someone to hug,
    And give my bear to the boy at school,
    Who always sits alone on the rug,
    Take the flowers beside my bed,
    And give them to someone who needs,
    A cheering up, a brighter day,
    Or has a yard all filled with weeds,"
    And as a single tear rolled down her cheek,
    And with the last breath she drew,
    She said, "Oh, and God, I
    Want my wings to be blue."-adapted from a poem by Janet Potter

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