Biotech company Amgen helping JW with Anemia

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  • TheWonderofYou

    OIWhen a JW is in a life threatening anemia situation or needs a coronary artery bypass in case of dialysis-dependent chronic renal failure there is bloodless solution:

    EPO ....this stands for "erythropoietin" also par in "epoetin" "epogen" and replaces the lost blood seemingly. It counts to the allowed bloodless therapies.

    What was Jehovahs part in it? Did he support development of it somehow e.g. by testing at JW patients?

    Do you know who are the woman and men who produce EPO for JW?

    EPOGEN® is a medicine that acts like the hormone, erythropoietin. EPOGEN® helps the body create more red blood cells and raises the hemoglobin level in your blood.
    Epoetin is manufactured and marketed by Amgenunder the trade name Epogen. Johnson & Johnsonsubsidiary Janssen Biotech (formerly Ortho Biotech Products, LP), sells the same drug under the name Procrit, pursuant to a product license agreemen

    Amgen History has its headquarter in Thousand oaks california, Conejo Valley. California and subsidiaries everywhere. 18000 jobs. Its the biggest biotech company and rich. Look at the biotech pioneer history. "Applied Molecular Genetics"

    Amgen Inc is an American multinational biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California. Located in the Conejo Valley, Amgen is the world's largest independent biotechnology firm.

    Amgen is supporting innovative technique like patient blood management research and information initiatives therefore it sponsors also presumably unknowingly associations that engage sometimes a JW speaker who promotes bloodless medicine.



    www​ pdf

    Stock price history

    Erythopoientin for Jehovah's Witnesses

  • OrphanCrow
    Wonder: Amgen is supporting innovative technique like patient blood management research and information initiatives therefore it sponsors also presumably unknowingly associations that engage sometimes a JW speaker who promotes bloodless medicine.

    Good post, Wonder.

    I wouldn't call it "unkowingly" associations, though. Not at all.

    Check out the authors of this study that was funded by Amgen:

    Critical Role of Iron in Epoetin Alfa Treatment of Chemotherapy-Associated Anemia


    Shannon Farmer - a Jehovah's Witness

    Axel Hofmann - a Jehovah's Witness

    Sherri Ozawa - a Jehovah's Witness

    And of course - Aryeh Shander, the WT's bloodless hero, a "cooperative doctor" and WT "expert" on all things bloodless.

    The other two I don't know much about - the names and faces shift rapidly around a core group of JWs and their associates who sit on the top of the bloodless pile.

  • TheWonderofYou

    I wouldn't call it "unkowingly" associations, though. Not at all.

    Of course my statement was intended ironically. Innovations like that can only happen in good network surroundings. Thank you Crow for your suppementary informations.

    An example for a PBM network is the "European Network" that initated the March 2018 symposium in Germany at the Goethe university Frankfurt at which Jehovahs witnesses representatives also are networking in the Biochtech industry. (Flyer below) Under the speakers that spoke last month about the Patient blood management perspectives were famous players like A. Hofmann as well as A. Shander and D. Spahn.

    Among the Sponsors was the the Hospital Liaison Committe Germany representing presumably the European branch in Selters.

    Bronze Sponsors (1,050€)
    BBraun Melsungen AG • CODAN pvb Medical GmbH • CSL Behring GmbH • Ferring Arzneimittel GmbH •
    KVK Zeugen Jehovas • Radiometer AG •

    Under the speakers about the Patient blood management perspectives were famous JW Hofmann as well as A. Shander and D. Spahn, cited in the Awake of 2000.

    Moreover I googled and found that in March 2018 a seminary about PBM was held in Austria with guest professor A.Hofmann and other EU key-players in PBM organised by "Workinggroup perioperative coagulation".

    Or course this group of Austrian top emergency doctors have contact in organisation and bringing forward technologies. You can see for yourself how much JW are thematized at such seminars.

    Excerpt from programm

    and that Prof. Hofmann (JW) is speaking for himself about the worldwide results in implementation of this school.

    So the European networking is on top level this year also thanks to Prof. Hofmann.

    But how is this all related to the subject Amgen? Actually here in this specific event Amgen was not directly involved

  • TheWonderofYou

    The following academy took also place this March in Europe. Again Prof. Hofmann presiding in the school and teaching about "iron deficiency anemia".


    Progam with Prof. Hofmann's talks:

    The eventmanagement medahead organises in Austria seminars and conventions for doctors at the highest level. Networking.

    ...and is part of the "Medical Opinion Network" an association for support of interdisciplinary communcation in medicine.

  • Mark B Townsend
    Mark B Townsend

    Hello am Mark and am new here and I would love to make friends and meet people

  • backformore

    I'm a dialysis RN and have been for a couple years or so. When it comes to that stuff I know it forwards and backwards. I give my patients, both JW and not, Epogen and iron on a daily basis.

    If someone is bleeding to death, Epo and iron aren't going to do anything at all. Without a blood transfusions, that person is going to die. Epo is a synthetic version of a hormone your body makes. Most people get plenty of iron through their diet. Healthy people have plenty of both so giving them even more isn't going to do anything other than cost money.

    If you are a chronic renal failure patient on dialysis you aren't going to be bleeding to death unless something very very bad happens to your access which is incredibly rare (in two and a half years, I've lost one patient to that and I work in a very large and busy clinic). What most people don't realize about their kidneys is that in addition to filtering out the bad stuff, keep your electrolyte levels in balance, and producing urine is that they also monitor your hemoglobin levels (the amount of red blood cells in your body) and release the real version of Epo to keep your your hemoglobin levels at a good place. When your kidneys don't work and you are on dialysis your kidneys don't make that hormone like they should so the staff at your dialysis clinic will do blood draws to monitor your hemoglobin levels and administer appropriate levels of Epo as prescribed by the doctors to raise and keep your hemoglobin levels good.

    Oddly enough, Epogen is still rarely used in those cases. It is the best medicine to somewhat quickly raise hemoglobin levels (it is going to take multiple days at least to raise it a few points) but there are better medicines for long term use such as Aranesp and Mircera.

    All that said, that's just for renal failure patients. For cancer patients, the Doctors really have to nail the amount of Epo (or any other similar drugs) just right. Why? To get your hemoglobin levels up to a safe (not good but safe, there is a big difference there) you can't just pump people full of the drug and trust their body to do what it should. These drugs, when given in an amount that would make your hemoglobin levels actually normal compared to the normal population, has one nasty side effect - they feed cancer and make it much worse. Your doctor has to closely monitor your hemoglobin levels (which is done via blood draws which waste blood) and give you a medicine that could very easily feed the cancer that is killing you and make it even stronger.

    Either that, or, you know, just give you some blood to raise you to a good healthy hemoglobin level and be done with all that crap.


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