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  • brandnew

    I just watched a show on TLC..where a man killed his mother, and father. After the show was over, and everyone said their comments....one comment stuck in my head. The comment that stuck in my head was" HE NOT ONLY LOST HIS PARENTS....HE LOST EVERYONE ASSOCIATED WITH HIMSELF"... .

    I thought to myself.......it happens in kingdom halls every day, and not for murder......but for something petty....like smoking a cigarette.😡

    Any views on this?

  • FayeDunaway
    Same view as yours. It happens every day in witness world. Not just for petty things, but for living your life as you were born to live it...authentically. For living authentically, people lose everyone they've ever known. Whether they are gay, or a natural free spirit, or have integrity to their own selves and their own beliefs, and can't live the fake witness life. Every day it happens.
  • StarTrekAngel

    Shunning or loosing a loved one (by means of shunning or being shunned) is not a foreign concept. We shun family members, I am sure all of us do. The essence runs down to the reasons for shunning.

    A member of our extended family (wife's cousin) committed murder. He had a wife and several children. The wife worked three jobs while he stayed at home "taking care of the children". The truth is he would drop off the kids with his mother and he would go fuck around. He ended up fathering a couple of more children with another woman and eventually, for reasons unknown to us at the moment, he killed her and burned her. He was eventually caught by the police and is now in jail awaiting trial. We want nothing to do with him at the moment, although I would say that if he ever gets out of jail and happens to come home, with his family for a BBQ, he will be welcomed in. But should not expect any assistance from us at the moment. His family is breaking ties with the rest of us because we don't want to help with the bail.

    Shunning someone should be your personal choice, based in your values and belief and not in the values and belief or direction handed down by someone else.

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