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  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    JW GoneBad. I think the problem is that layman don't always understand what is considered a reputable journal or source and what is not. Also just because an article may contain a word in common with your search, doesn't mean that it is applicable or the best medicine that should be presented to a doctor for review.

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    Giving medical advice to doctors.

    They lack the expertise to evaluate medical studies and sources, but they pressure medical doctors into accepting their direction on what is best for the patient

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver
    Layman provides Doctors with information all the time. Pharma reps along with equipment reps consistently gives doctors information that they fully don't understand. There are people in those organizations that are either doctors or other medical professionals that are there to answer technical questions, but that is not the reps that do the in service. Also not all doctors will stay current with medical literature or they may not stay current with literature outside their specialty. An orthopedist with an admitted patient is the attending physician for that patient no matter what complications they may have, that is until another doctor is officially put on the case. If a patient for that orthopedist, develops a pulmonary embolism it is still the orthopedist's responsibility to treat the patient's embolism, they can't just say, well I set the leg my job is done, no that is still their patient. And another doctor can't write orders for treating that patient's embolism because they are not the patient's doctor. So what the HLC does is to present medical journal articles and to be a facilitator for doctors to get the information that they need and thinks that is relevant
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    I will say this when I questioned the HIS or HLC or whatever, I was told that the elders do not provide technical medical advice or information to the doctors. They are only supposed to discuss the religious views of jws.

    I know he could have been handing me a line of bs; I did talk to the head of the largest hospital's surgery head and he said that the representatives of the WTS do try to "share" info, but they have no more standing medically than the patient. Decisions regarding blood transfusions are not made by a rank and file doctor, but the heads of departments and their legal staff do.

    The doctor who was head of surgery of our largest hospital was not aware of jws being allowed to use hemo-globin based products since he did know that some were made with expired human blood. He was surprised to find out that jws are not allowed to store their own blood based on an OT law under the Jewish law code....pour it out, the scripture says. If jws cannot use their own blood that has been stored and is not expired, he asked, how can they use someone else's stored blood that has expired. I told him he had to ask the HLC that question and I sent him the supporting WTS published material.

    It is not possible to theorize much on this unless you have been a member of the HLC and see and hear what is said between them and the head doctors in a hospital. I have found that elders can be very deceptive when it comes to non-jws and feel that lying to them is approved of by the WTS/GB. As we have seen regarding the Australian RC, the representative of the WTS have outright lied to the RC who has printed material of the WTS to the contrary.

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