For those of us in the rugby world. Jonah Lomu dies penniless.

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  • joe134cd

    This just raises so many questions and issues. How did it get to this point? Should he be entitled to the public generosity despite others been in the same situation and not receiving the same benefits. Would I feel anymore inclined to donate money to him than I would WTBTS. I was just flabbergasted when I heard this yesterday. R.I.P Jonah and may your rugby playing career be remembered for ever.

  • Simon

    Sounds like he spent money on cars and lifestyle plus family and friends (there's always people wanting to be your friend if you have money and success).

    Just because someone is good at something like a sport doesn't mean they are going to be financially astute. In fact someone suddenly getting a windfall due to physical success is at great risk of being taken advantage of IMO or just not handling the money wisely.

    Easy for it all to go on the trappings of life instead of investing for a time when you may not have the income coming in.

  • steve2

    Jonah was always described as very generous with money and, unfortunately, prone to a lifestyle that he long since could not afford. At one time he was said to have a fleet of about one dozen cars. With a lavish lifestyle went poor management and hangers-on.

    He was twice divorced - and those occurred at the height of his relatively brief money-making years - so, no guesses what the divorce settlements would have entailed!

    A further observation is that beyond rugby and product endorsements, he had few other marketable skills. So when he became ill, he did not consistently curb the excesses.

    He was also described as a devout Mormon - so he did not drink alcohol.

  • talesin
    There are poor children all over NZ. Why a trust fund for these ones? Ridiculous!

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