Respect to all of you who are / or not jehovah's witnesses

by piledriver 1 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • piledriver

    Does it realy matter what religion you follow ? As just to have a faith or belief in your self is its more important for humanity to survive in these times

    all religions are bad dark secrets bad translations .If there is a God he would never tell you to turn your back on family or frends thats the devils preachings every religion that dictates how to live or spread the gospel acording to the watchtower ways is the devils work your all good people bit mad ( yes ) everyone knows things are bad in this world . And no religion can make it any beter Any oganization run by man who make money or ask the followers to donate is evil jesus never asked for silver to line his pockets to do gods work . you all have faith in God ie the creator and only he can tell you or answer this question when you die .

    id like your opinions or thoughts please thankyou .

  • jookbeard
    it does really matter because dangerous high control groups like the WTS with their hate filled massage have no place whatsoever in the world today, the destruction they heap upon peoples life's are sometimes beyond words, plus they are very detrimental to peoples mental and physical health, this kind of activism is vital to be able to help the many millions that are escaping, long may it continue.

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