The Path's Myerism Lingo to JW Translation

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  • AnonVet

    I've been enjoying watching Hulu's "The Path" lately. I found this site with a breakdown of the lingo (not that I needed it).

    I added the "JW Translation" to all of these. Because all of these are related.


    The Ladder: There are 10 different rungs of The Ladder, with the bottom run being used by new members and the 10 rung indicating the top members of the Meyerist Movement:

    • 0 — Receptive (JW - Bible Study)
    • 1 — Initiate (JW - Meeting Attender)
    • 2 — Servant (JW - Unbaptized Publisher)
    • 3 — Student (JW - Baptized Publisher)
    • 4 — Scholar (JW - Pioneer)
    • 5 — Shepard (JW - Elder)
    • 6 — Explorer (JW - Circuit Overseer)
    • 7 — Reflective
    • 8 — Mender
    • 9 — Augur
    • 10 — Protector (JW - Governing Body)

    #R: Shorthand for someone’s highest completed rung

    IS: Ignorant Systemite. This is an unenlightened member of the general population who is not part of the Meyerist Movement. Basically, us. You lose the IS label once you start your training on the lowest rung of the ladder. (JW - Worldly)

    Possible: Someone interested in the Meyerist Movement but hasn’t started to climb the ladder. (JW - Bible Study)

    Denier: Someone who was part of the movement and has left. This person is way worse than an IS. (JW - Apostate)

    The Future: The apocalypse. When it comes to the Meyerist Movement, the end of all days is man-made, AKA not uplifting. (JW - Armageddon)

    The Garden: Where all the devoted members of the Movement will be reunited after The Future happens. Essentially, Meyerist vegan heaven. (JW - Paradise)

    Meyer Machine: Much like Scientology’s E-Meter, the device supposedly acts as a spiritual realigning guide. (JW - Watchtower and Awake)

    Ayahuasca: A traditional spiritual medicine used in ceremonies by Indigenous peoples of Peru. This is especially important because the Meyerist Movement has unexplained ties to Peru. Also, the drug makes you hallucinate like you’re in a ’80s music video. (JW - Books)

    Damage: All of the terrible environmental and emotional trauma we accrue. (JW - Association with Worldly People)

    Transgress: Like a sin in Catholicism, but they’re numbered for identification based on the severity. (JW - Porneia, Fornication, etc)

    Unburden: The process of confronting and releasing negativity, which can take the form of negative emotions, actions, or impulses. According to Meyerism, a member cannot grow unless all the negativity has been purged. (JW - Judicial Committee)

    Resister: A member who won’t unburden. (JW - Bad Association)

    Offset: The practice of correcting your wrongs by doing good deeds. This is similar to performing penance, and after completion, the member returns to neutral balance point. However, unlike penance, the member chooses offset, not a high-ranking member of the religion. (JW - Field Service)

    IRP: Infidelity Rehab Program. The Meyerist Movement believes heavily in the power of family and spousal transparency, so that’s a big no to cheating. However, if you do cheat, there’s a system for that. That system involves a lot of meetings with a counselor, and it’s assumed that the spouse will eventually be forgiven. Eddie (Aaron Paul) knows all about this one. (JW - Shepherding Visit)

    Realignment: Like Offsetting in overdrive. It’s used to quickly reset a member’s recently gathered Damage, and it’s common for other members to pressure the offending individual into Realignment. This two-week process takes place on the Meyerist compound under supervision of a counselor. During the two weeks, members are given a strict diet of fruits and vegetable and aren’t allowed to leave the Realignment room. (JW - Bethel)

  • Londo111

    In the rungs, I would take out "Meeting Attender" or else rename it Progressive Bible study.

    And before elder there should be a ministerial servant rung. And before Governing Body, there should be a Helper rung. And before them, there should be a Branch rung.

    Realignment is more like being reproved or even disfellowshipped.

    The compound itself is like Bethel.

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    I have been watching it as well. It was said that the writer was involved with the scientologists and got many of the ideas from there. Like you, I could see the parallels to the JWs as well.

    One thing in the story that I can't ever imagine happening in the organisation was when the husband gathered together all the ex-members and brought them to the gates, where they after a stand off were welcomed back. Could you ever see that happening in the Org!?

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