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  • pepperheart

    Hi on the jw broadcast site they have about 5 days ago put up a SPECIAL video about how people should fogive and if they dont they will become bitter. Do you think the watchtower know how many court cases around the world they have got coming up this coming year

  • Ruby456

    do they say forgive and forget?

    the court cases can be motivated by forgiveness but not forgetfulness for the sake of those who could be abused in the future - this is the sense I'm getting from recent court cases here in Britain.

    edit: sometimes I wonder if the court payouts the Jws have to make comes from right wing backers who want to see christianity continue to succeed.

  • Felix Packer
    Felix Packer

    I was reading somewhere in the Torah that when you are being raped, you should not scream, but rather you should not resist and allow yourself to be violated.

  • dubstepped

    How many disfellowshipped or disassociated ones do they forgive freely? You know, people that often did not one thing to them personally. They don't begin to grasp forgiveness.

  • DJS

    Three musings.

    1. Pepperheart I think you nailed it.

    2. Dubstepped I know you nailed it.

    3. And most important. Pepper. How do you watch www.Borg without throwing up

  • sparky1

    "The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naïve forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget." - Thomas Szasz

  • krismalone

    WT preaching forgive and forget? Doublespeak and hypocrisy sneaking it's ugly head again.

    1. Every branch office has a "service department" where they oversee the disfellowshipping of those that they decide not to forgive. The records of their sins are filed and saved in that department indefinitely. This dept also helps elders with the disfellowshipping process. Is this showing forgiveness and forgetfulness?

    2. Any JW that speaks about the hypocrisy and double standards of the WT are disfellowshipped and their reputation disgraced.

    3. JW's are instructed to shun and treat as dead any former member that no longer agrees with the arbitrary doctrines & policies of the Organization.

    4. Congregations have a "judicial committee cases" file where records of Disfellowshippings and Reproofs are saved indefinitely.

    5. The WT continues vilifying other religions as hypocritical, they also vilify the C.T. Russel's wife Maria and they continue their abusive one sided denunciation of the 4 directors that were against having 1 leader in JF Rutherford. BTW Rutherford called the police on the 4 majority members of the Board of directors.

    6. Former members that have realized that this religion is a complete scam and ran by delusional men pretending to be the Apostles of Christ in our day are called Apostates, mentally diseased, proud, haughty and JW's are told not to even say Hi to them.

    Are these examples of someone practicing forgiveness & forgetfulness?

    It makes them look good on paper by urging the rank & file to forgive and forget but they (GB) do the opposite in practice.

    I think they are pushing this BS as there are many abuse victims suing the WT and exposing their abuser.

  • stuckinarut2


    Wow, they really are hypocrites....

    Perhaps what they are trying to make the masses think is "forgive us for the way we mishandled child abuse, and please don't take court action against us!"

  • Spoletta

    In my congregation there was a wonderful young man who was on the road to ministerial servant, when he had the misfortune to get involved with a minor girl (also a witness). He was disfellowshipped, and when reinstated was deemed a sex offender, making him ineligible for any "privileges". Now that he was no longer of any use to the elders, he was basically ignored, no support or encouragement from the brothers. After suffering severe depression, he finally moved from his parents house and broke off all connection with the Witnesses. He has since moved in with a worldly girl, wisely keeping his whereabouts secret, and now the elders are all concerned about his well being, wanting to bring him back into the fold, while admitting they will have to disfellowship him again before he can redeem himself. Such Love!

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