Bridget A.K.A. Christine Calling Halls About ARC

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  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    I should've put "the" before ARC right? This is gonna drive me insane! lol

    We should be able to edit the titles too. Oh well...heck it!

  • smiddy3

    I wonder if christine ever heard back from that brother who was going to look into that .?

    And the fact that the other people on the line claimed they had never heard of the ARC into institutionalised child sexual abuse in Australia ,I just wonder if that is true or are they just practising theocratic warfare strategy`s .

    Or are they truly ignorant of this case. I can believe they truly are ignorant because I knew of JW`s who did not listen or pay attention to current affairs or the daily news broadcasts.

    They believed all they needed to know was what was printed in the back of the AWAKE magazine "Watching The World " even though such information was biased and months out of date .

    And I think one of the elders giving testimony said as much the same thing when asked about the case he was appearing on said words to the effect ,he didnt want to know anything about the case so as not to influence his testimony one way or another.

    And I think justice McClellan ,just shook his head in disbelief .

  • zeb

    who was she calling? was this the HQ..?

    That the callees in the US dont know about the CARC is not surprising. Its been my experience that unless 'it' happens in the US then people in the US dont know and dont wish to know anything about..'it'.

    There would have to be an inquiry on the scale of the CARC to be undertaken in the US.

    As the JW make up only apx 1% of people in each state of the US tragically an undertaking on the scale of the CARC will never happen there.

    The Australian Government has failed to get the WT to sign on to the National Redress Scheme to compensate victims. If the govt were to threaten to remove the charitable status of the wt in Australia they would soon sign up.

  • zeb

  • newsheep

    Next time a joho says that the info on the internet is all false or they have never heard of that, could you just maybe ask them how would they know if the information is false if they are not allowed to research their religion. You can tell them all sorts of evils as to what the org is doing behind their backs but unless you ask them this question they won't get it. They'll just claim persecution.

    I have asked different ones many times this very question and they freeze up. If anything they might go home and wonder could this be why the cult keeps telling them not to go on the net. Tell them to prove the truth to themselves like we were told over and over.

  • Vidiot
    zeb - "If the govt were to threaten to remove the charitable status of the WT in Australia they would soon sign up."

    Ten bucks says they still wouldn't.

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