Concerned about my mother.

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    I'm sure the date January 2018 + 'Message of Judgement' has been kicking around the ExJW's various forums for a while now, and the more I think about it, the more I get worried. Not for myself really, but for my mother especially. I guess you could consider her to be POMI (Physically Out, Mentally In) she's faded in the sense that she doesn't go to meetings, doesn't really live by many of the rules any longer, is in a relationship with a worldly man, etc etc etc, however, she still considers herself to be a Witness, and will defend the Org if need be.

    My grandparents are Uber Witnesses as I've mentioned before, my grandfather is an Elder and I just worry they'll call my mom, and she will get into a huge panic, in turn of course urging us and my brothers back to the meetings. My older brother is an atheist, my younger brother doesn't speak of religion at all so I"m not sure what his belief is, but I'm positive he doesn't believe the Watchtower is "the truth" and I am a non-denominational Christian. None of us believe any longer, and I am terrified of if/when that day comes when finally our mom will have to choose between us and returning. She said she would never shun us, but even so, if she were to go back to the meetings alone, I would be besides myself with worry. I guess the anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre got me pretty shaken up.

    I don't know, I guess this has just been on my mind for a while now. I'm praying that whatever happens, its not enough to make my worst fears come true.

  • Xanthippe

    Yes we've heard something about January 2018 on here. Also that the preaching work is winding down, only six public mags a year, new U.K. bethel having no printing facilities. I just think it's another way of hiding the fact they've had to pay out to court cases and are worried about more. Conserving funds, downsizing and those old men on the GB building themselves a fancy retirement home.

    Are you worried your mother will try and get you involved again next year or that something bad is going to happen like Jonestown?

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    I suppose a little of both. Although for the most part I'm most concerned about something like Jonestown happening again, or that my family who is still within the Org may, when all is said and done, not be able to cope with the reality that what they were taught has all been a lie. I know I was in a pretty dark place for a few months after waking up. I'm worry about my mothers mental health in response to all of this.

    I guess I don't really expect the GB to make them all "drink the kool-aid" but I worry they'll encourage people to become even more secluded; another 1975 except this time with more spotlight on it thanks to the internet.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    "Message of Judgment" in 2018? Are you referring to less magazines a year and getting rid of magazine routes? If so, don't get yourself worried, this isn't about increasing the urgency of the message, that's just an excuse to print less, just like they've been downsizing for years to save money.

  • scratchme1010
    I don't know, I guess this has just been on my mind for a while now. I'm praying that whatever happens, its not enough to make my worst fears come true.

    I know it's just a guess, but I'm sure that you know your mother enough to make very educated guesses. My question is, how is her life outside the JWs? What has she replaced the time and energy she used to spend with the JWs with? It may not be the believes what she misses, bit other things, from something to do, to friends, a sense of community, a sense of belonging, etc. Has she gotten that outside?

    Something else to consider is that some people leave the JWs but have several degrees of believes. One example is yourself. You are still a Christian, which means that you still have some believes that may or may not coincide with the Wt's nonsense.

    Something else to consider is just inquiring. Have you two have a conversation about it? How has the communication between the family members been about the Wt and their things. With your post I have the impression that every member in the family made their decision but never talked about it with the other (I may be wrong, of course). Is that a possibility, to just ask her?

    I hope this helps.

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