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  • Tiana

    Google translate :



    Rioters are damaging 19 cars and door of Jehovah's Witnesses

    The perpetrators threw in the door of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. Photo: Manuel Birgmann

    One or more previously unknown culprits have damaged at least 19 cars and a building door in Dingolfing between Thursday, 19 clock, and Friday, 4.35 clock.

    As the police Dingolfing tells, they damaged in Arberstraße and Ennser Straße six cars. Also on Zeppelinstraße, Dr.-Herbert-Quandt-Straße and Hans-Sachs-Straße, the perpetrator or the hit. Tires were struck on the cars, smashed mirrors and partly smashed windows. In one case, something was stolen from a car. The disc of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in Hans-Sachs-Straße was also dropped.

    The police inspection Dingolfing estimates the total damage to about 5000 euros.

    Life is beautiful !

  • Simon
    Life is beautiful !

    What a strange thing to say.

    If you mean that JWs being attacked and their belongings vandalized is "a good thing" then it's an absolutely moronic thing to say.

  • Tiana

    Hi Simon I just always sign off my comments this way.Nothing to do with the post though.

    Sorry, no offence meant.

    Life is beautiful !

  • TD

    Just to be clear, the damage suffered by the JW's was to the window pane of their Kingdom Hall door. (Which is translated as "disc" above...)

    The nineteen cars were scattered among five different streets.

  • Listener

    It's unclear that only the JWs were targeted if the cars were spread over a few streets and there was something stolen out of one of the cars.

  • waton

    The time was between 7pm and 4 in the morning, not during a meeting, the noise would have been noticed, and notice the damaged glass in the Barock style kh door. it must be military grade laminated safety glass like a windshield. It does not look like one of those stripped down new designs! It does not look like an attack on people.

    Kristallnacht II training or left or right vandals or kids letting off steam. The Germany that we like to live in A.M.

  • Simon

    Tiana: we ask that people don't use repeated signatures in posts, thanks.

  • ElderEtta
    If youmean that JWs being attacked and their belongings vandalized is "a good thing" then it's an absolutely moronic thing to say.

    What is actually moronic is the fact that some 85,000 families a year are separated because of their moronic shunning policy think about that when you see Damage Done retribution done against them

  • Simon

    You are advocating for group guilt. Hey, someone from [whatever group you belong to] did me a wrong once, so I can beat the shit out of you now ... right?

    I've yet to hear a coherent rational explanation of how shunning can be made a crime and shouldn't be a right, that doesn't involved a far worse system of government that would result in far more hurt than any amount of shunning.

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