A few women that have made an impact in Christendoms religions in the last 200 years ,none of which are Jehovah`s Witnesses .

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  • smiddy3

    Aimee Semple Mcpherson founder of The Four Square Church.

    Catherine Booth Co-Founder of the Salvation army.

    Ellen G.White Co-founder of the Seventh Day Adventists

    Mary Baker Eddy founded christian Science.

    Florence Crawford founder Apostolic faith Mission

    This is just a few of the movements where Christian women had a very important role in getting them off the ground and were accepted by males as having Gods approval.

    And it is not without biblical precedence judges Ch.4 & 5 that relates about Deborah who was a prophetess and Judge over Israel for fourty years with Jehovah`s approval and blessing of peace he gave her during her reign .

    How do these facts fit with women in the JW religion ? Where your role is just one of being subservient and being obedient to all males in the congregation and keeping your mouth shut .

  • Vanderhoven7

    The first on your list, Aimee Semple McPherson, had a great impact on a teaching colleague now deceased

    She (Velma) suffered from cerebral palsy as a little girl. Her dad became an Atheist as a result. Velma was a quadriplegic, she couldn't walk or talk. Her sisters brought her to an Amiee Semple McPherson meeting and she came home walking and talking. Her dad became a Christian as a result

    . Velma became a teacher and worked at the Mackay Center for the deaf and physically disabled in Montreal. I worked with her for a number of years before she retired.

    Mcpherson's life was not untouched by scandal but she was used by God in amazing ways.

  • smiddy3

    That`s very interesting Vanderhoven7 that you knew Velma personally who benefited from A.S.M meetings.

    Apparently their have been a couple of movies about her .

    "Sister Aimee" in 2007 she was a Pentecostal preacher I believe.

    The other was a 1930`s film about her .

    They could be interesting to watch If I could find and view them .

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