Neighbor teens selling drugs

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  • Bad_Wolf

    Not too long ago had a lady and her two teen sons move nearby. She had mentioned awhile back how they came from a rough ghetto neighborhood. This lady is always screaming and fighting with her sons, so loud, homes away hear it. The teens are around 17. Heard her screaming to that one to get a job or he's kicked out, how he only gets money selling drugs, etc. The teen doesn't seem to be an inherently bad person. Don't need drug issues and problems, don't want to ruin his life, though being 17, perhaps better to get in trouble before 18. Curious what others would do in this type of situation. If I notify police I would do so anonymously.

  • Biahi

    Mind your own business!

  • tiki

    Tough one...if you are personally a witness to criminal activity...go through the appropriate channels. Otherwise I'd keep a safe distance. You cannot change people or fix things. You can only ensure you are safe and you do the right thing to protect others who rely on you.....

  • cofty

    Depends. If you are saying that previously you had a nice quiet neighbourhood and now you have drug addicts coming and going then report it. Otherwise ask yourself what you are hoping to achieve.

  • Bad_Wolf

    My motivation for saying anything would merely be, they live very close, and I don't want any future drug shootout or my home broken into because them or some drug addict brought to this area from them.

    If they were not next door neighbor I wouldn't care.

    I personally think people should be allowed to smoke and buy pot. I just don't want the gun or theft problems that usually go in proximity of drug dealers.

    For now I will probably just watch closer.

  • smiddy3

    This could be a tricky one .

    If you do decide to "rat" them out and they discover it was you who did so ,are you prepared to take the consequences ?

    You can never be absolutely sure they wouldn`t surmise or guess you were involved .

    On the other hand who want`s druggies / dealers to be living next door to them with the problems that may bring.?

    Maybe involving a willing third party from out of town do an anonymous tip to law enforcement being careful not to divulge anything to tie you or them to the tip off.

  • Simon
    The teen doesn't seem to be an inherently bad person

    Well, selling illegal drugs would seem a contradiction to that.

    Curious what others would do in this type of situation. If I notify police I would do so anonymously.

    Call the police. You don't want that crap in your neighbourhood and the possible violence that may come with it.

    It's not clear where the screaming happens - are they living in the same property? You say "nearby" so are they in the neighbourhood or not? If they are screaming across properties or their family issues and dysfunction are overflowing into the street then don't just sit while it escalates, register complaints and start whatever process may be required to address it.

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