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  • Marcial

    will try to translate the two letters

    Thank you Atlantis

  • Atlantis


    You are very welcome!


  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    You cant make stuff this good up. " "lovingly" suspended monetary assistance.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    "The Worldwide Order Of Special Full Time Servants Of Jehovah’s Witnesses ("the order") invites you to become a provisional member. If you accept this invitation..."

    Hi Atlanta....when I read this WT letter I thought to myself: "Where in the hell have I heard such silly gibberish before"...and it dawned on me that the Roman Catholic Church has a very similar insiders club membership with solemn vows that the upper class have to accept & comply with to remain in good standing. Here it is:

    "Catholic religious orders are one of two types of religious institutes ('Religious Institutes', cf. canons 573–746), the major form of consecrated life in the Roman Catholic Church. They are organizations of laity and/or clergy who take solemn vows (in contrast to the simple vows taken by the members of religious congregations) and who live a common life following a religious rule or constitution under the leadership of a religious superior. According to the Annuario Pontificio, there are four branches of religious orders:

    * Monastic orders: orders founded by monks or nuns who live and work in a monastery and recite the divine office.
    * Mendicant orders: orders founded by friars or nuns who live from alms, recite the divine office, and have active participation in apostolic endeavors.
    * Canons Regulars: orders founded by canons and canonesses regular who recite the divine office and generally are in charge of a parish.
    * Clerks Regulars: orders founded by priests who are also religious men with vows and have a very active apostolic live...."

  • Atlantis

    road to nowhere:

    JW GoneBad:

    Yes, (The Order), sounds like the Knights Templar are coming to the Memorial!

    Smells of horse-manure! Pew! That stinks!


  • hoser

    Let’s lovingly cut your gas allowance but now we are lovingly reinstating it no doubt at 2020 gas prices. It was a thoughtful provision for the governing body to cut your wages.

    Thanks for the inside scoop Atlantis. I hope some of these full timers wake up.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    These letters alone should make the hairs on the back of the neck rise. The use of the word lovingly in this context is so inappropriate that it beggars belief. At first I thought it was a scam.

    Bethel was always jokingly referred to as the monastery in GB, now it officially is. There is nothing new in any of it but anyone who responds to such a one sided offer has to be "mentally diseased". You must take a vow of poverty but if you get more than a sneeze, there is the door. Find you own way home. Keep warm and well.

    The love only exists in the hierarchies' delusions. If I got that letter I would run a mile.

  • Atlantis


    Slidin Fast:

    Agree 100%.


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