The everyday fears of a JW

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  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Remember how much your life revolved around fears? Fears of how going to a new place, might put you in harms way? How bad the world was and how even talking to people, might find you robbed etc?

    I write this because when I left the "truth", it was made easier by me moving 15 minutes away into a house I bought. The place is over the hill in a more "exciting" city with poorer people. I got my house just at the end of the housing crash so this was a place I could afford.

    The comments my mom has made, are somewhat hilarious. They are always based on the worst scenario. And most of it is because she has lived sixty plus years of it in the "truth".

    How you been shot at yet? Has anyone shot thru your windows? You must be careful at all times.

    My street is very quiet. The worst that has happened is a house got burned up at the end of the street because of wiring. Recently, I am trying out Doordash to make extra money. One of the first things she said to me was "What if a naked man comes to the door?"

    At work, I was regularly whispered to about how bad the world is, how events are coming to a head from the office JW. All sorts of fears about people are addressed. Being a JW makes you suspicious of all people that you haven't met. The WT does a good job of placing a space in your thinking in which all unknowns, must project fear. I know because it worked on me.

    I walked around with that fear going on in my mind. All events, places, people etc. could hold unknown dangers such as physical and spiritual ones. Conversely, the WT wanted you to ignore those fears and go talk to people that you would naturally be cautious of out in service. That is what scares me now when I think of it. Who knows how many put themselves in a wrong spot trying to follow the WT?

  • snakeface

    You are right. They used to warn about coworkers inviting you out for a drink after work...which can lead to AIDS. Do not accept gifts from "worldlings" or buy used items at garage sales because these.items could be demonized....and then you'll have a demon problem in your house...the demons are known to fondle people in their sleep.

    All these things are forms.of Isolation. Abusers.try to isolate their victims so that the victim is dependent upon them. (For example an abusive husband is very controlling and does not let his wife have friends.) This is how it is in this evil cult.

  • BourneIdentity

    This is why the religion has such a problem with depression, anxiety and suicide. Constant fear and extreme low self esteem of not being able to measure up to expectations. Husbands stay busy providing for their family, have a home and cars to maintain, kids to care for and then everyone in the congregation, including their spouse rides them because they aren’t reaching out and doing enough. It ends many marriages.

    While they tell you to think the worst of worldly people, they tell you to think the best of the brothers and sisters. That is all lip service, because when anyone sees someone doing something, like Tony buying all that scotch, were trained to think the worst. We have to assume he’s an alcoholic and we need to keep the congregation clean, so off to the elders we rat him out.

    It’s such a toxic environment. So many people are cured of their mental issues shortly after they leave.

  • john.prestor

    As an ex Baptist I'm getting flashbacks of my childhood. The pastor would warn us about 'worldly people' and that Satan would use them to deceive us and lead us into sin. Ridiculous fear mongering bullshit.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    It's ironic when you realize their exhortations to blindly trust the "brothers and sisters" leads to untold abuse, sexual, financial and mental. Truth on the march, unfortunately its marching on your face.

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