When did the $4000.00 USD per day fine actually begin?

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    I'm just curious as to the timing. I'm trying to inform someone abou this issue and I want my information to be factual.


  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    June 23, 2016, is when the Judge filed his ruling for sanctions. July 6, 2016, Watchtower filed their notice of appeal. August 31, 2016, Plaintiff filed a motion for additional sanctions. September 7, 2016, Watchtower filed a motion to stay all proceedings that are listed in their appeal over the sanctions.

    To verify above you can look at https://roa.sdcourt.ca.gov/roa/

    Once you accept the terms of service and verify you are a human. The year is 2013 and the case number you will want to put in is 00067529.

    According to the California Appeals court August 3, 2016, the court of appeals asked questions to Watchtower to see if they can even hear the case. On August 26, 2016, the court accepted the appeal to be heard but did say that they can reverse that decision. The question on the August 3 is that sanctions cannot be appealed unless it reaches 5,000 dollars, so there was a question of is each day a separate sanction or all considered the same sanction that would surpass the minimum amount of $5000.

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