Homeskoold Kidz Raiz Ur Hand

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  • Wild_Thing

    Who else was homeschooled? What was your experience with it?

    I was one of the few that I know that actually finished. Most of the Witness kids I knew that homeschooled usually stopped and just got their GED (this is what my sister did). I was the "typical" brainwashed goody two shoes 14 year old homeschooled pioneer.

    I am quite a critic of homeschooling now. Such a bad idea for how many reasons, unless it's absolutely necessary (like for health reasons).

    With Betsy Devos as the new US Sec. of Education, it is a big possibility she may redirect money to families that want to homeschool. If this happens, I predict a boom in home schooling among Jehovah's Witnesses. And it will be so sad. It will isolate them further and we will probably see a surge in teenage pioneers, as well.

    Nostradamus (aka Wild Thing)

  • WeatherLover

    I was homeschooled, and I finished as well. I never was really gung-ho about pioneering until just before and after getting baptized, which happened when I was 15. A few months after baptism I auxiliary pioneered. I planned to do it on a continuous basis, but I learned TTATT a few months later. I think public school would have been a better option for me because I wasn't always motivated enough to do my schoolwork. I did do a lot of learning on the side about things that interested me, but I am weaker in certain areas and I hope it won't hurt me too much in college. Three of my cousins pioneered through most of high school, and only one of them got their diploma.

    I think that homeschooling does work for some people. But JWs shouldn't do it, because it becomes an excuse to make secular schooling a low priority and to make "spiritual education" the focus.

  • zeb

    "probably see a surge in teenage pioneers, as well." and predictably force more kids into the wt extrusion die to come out with very few marketable skills, socially inept, suspicious and un fit.

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