Is the Governing Body Apostate?

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  • Vanderhoven7

    Mark Jones writes:

    Actually, it was “love for Jehovah” and a desire to “remain loyal to him” that made me leave the Jehovah’s Witness “religion”.

    Gradually, it became very clear to me that the organization does not represent Jehovah. If anything, it had become apostate. If Jehovah had chosen the Watchtower society and declared it clean in 1919 - then any change to its doctrine would be apostasy.

    Being loyal to Jehovah means rejecting false prophets, rejecting liars and rejecting men who tell you to follow them in order to follow the Christ.

    If anyone wishes to be “loyal to Jehovah” then they must leave the apostate organization even though it claims to represent him - just like the first century Jews had to reject the Pharisees who claimed to have god’s backing.

    At the time of my leaving, I believed the bible:

    • That Jesus is the mediator for all mankind.
    • That the Bible is written for all humans.
    • That Jesus, not an organization, is the way to eternal life.
    • That we are not to judge others but focus on our own spiritual need.

    Most Jehovah’s Witnesses aren't even aware that the above 4 points are not part of Jehovah's’ Witness doctrine.

    "Likewise, the Greater Moses, Jesus Christ, is not the Mediator between Jehovah God and all mankind. He is the Mediator between his heavenly Father, Jehovah God, and the nation of spiritual Israel, which is limited to only 144,000 members." - Worldwide Security Under the "Prince of Peace" (1986) pp.10-11

    "So in this strict Biblical sense Jesus is the "mediator" only for anointed Christians." - Watchtower 1979 Apr 1 p.31

    "Special attention was being given to making up the government that would rule mankind for 1,000 years, and nearly all the inspired letters in the Christian Greek Scriptures are primarily directed to this group of Kingdom heirs - "the holy ones," "partakers of the heavenly calling." - United in Worship p.111

    "Also, it is to the spirit-anointed Christians who will rule in that kingdom that most of the Christian Greek Scriptures is directed, including the promises of everlasting life." - Watchtower 1974 June 15 p.376

    Facts about, Watchtower, Jehovah's Witnesses and Truth
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  • Gorb

    I heard the story that a brother overhere in the 70's DF'ed the Governing Body.

    The result of that was an open door...


  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    It took the ARC to bring a platform for the poster WOZZA to finally get people to listen to his point that Deut. 22:25-27 showed the "two witness rule" to be the work of an apostate.

    I have been citing the 2013 RNWT revision of Lev.5:1 and the Sept.1 1987 Wt. article "A Time to speak When?" as being the work of an apostate. As it is a blatant deception to fabricate a "Gestapo informant policy" for the purpose of ferreting out apostates. I maintain that starting in about 1984 the church brought in four policies of "new light";1 the obedience to the Organization mantra, 2 emergence of a here to for new enemy the "apostate", 3 the shunning policy, 4 the need of a policy to ferret out any hidden enemies of the church by creating a Gestapo informant policy.

    These four policies marked the journey of the "faithful slave" following the "delay of the master" in 1975 into the present GB Matt. 24: 48-51. The only thing I got out of that was providing Barbara Anderson the insight for her essay "Flawed Decrees Conceal Criminals". After that I got hung out to dry and twist in the wind like Randall Waters.

    Two weeks ago I got my personal invitation to the Memorial in the mail, it had a return address on the envelope. I sent them back a letter suggesting that the Redding elders who concealed a court case of the swindler central to my saga, [swindling another local widow] see their insurance providers and take out 'personal liability policies'. I own 4 real estate parcels 7.5 acres separating the local Indian Casino 40+ acre property cut off from a major freeway interchange. A month ago I was asked for a price of what I would take. Due to my age, the condition of my house and how far out the development plans are, the price is not that of a "gold mine" but rather a "copper mine". That goes thru the church the church has a hell of a problem.

    So is the GB apostate? Both Deut. 22: 25-27 and Lev.5:1 would give a resounding YES!

    But who listens to the Bible, Proverbs 1:20.

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